Friday, 30 July 2010

80s party

After having Absolute Radio inserted into my ears this morning and joyfully listening to the likes of Oasis, The Las, Biffy Clyro, A-Ha, Blur and what was a 90s wet dream, I decided to go back yet another decade and party along to the 80s. Podcasts coming soon, guys!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Gazebos are vicious and vile objects. On putting up a Gazebo to protect ourselves and expensive roadshow equipment from the rain, upon tying it up as best we could to all available fences, the Gazebo then decided it would take itself upon a gust of wind and flip over the side fence wherein snapping one pole and bending the other. The gazebo then decided not to let us pull it back over the fence, having jammed itself into the guttering of the behind building. The event was clearly hilarious but also annoying as the next group of people who put up a gazebo for a barbecue (after ourselves were moved indoors) had no issue because someone had the clever idea of placing them on a patch of grass, therefore giving them the availability to properly pitch the gazebo into the ground.

I had another incident involving two heavy roadshow loudspeakers last weekend in which they decided to fall over on their stands and leave me with a massive bruise on my leg. I suppose it is better than me ending up concussed.

I'm at the end of roadshow season at the moment (even though the rest of the group is not) and despite a few glitches (equipment not working/cutting out ... gazebos ... falling speakers) it has been really quite fun. However I have developed a strong hatred of a few things ...
- Justin £$%&ing Bieber
- £$%&ing Ke$ha
- Don't Stop Believing
- France
- Gazebos
- Joe Whatever-his-name-is

It's mainly children's listening habits that tends to annoy me. Can they not listen to 'proper' music and not just whatever is in the charts? It is kind of like they do not have their own sense of choice. And that's what really grinds my gears.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Have been reading, playing bass, practicing shorthand and going on long walks inbetween films, job interviews and Heroes so haven't really had time to be here.
Not many gigs to report on and the European festival season has just about died down. TV is officially dead. That is all//

Monday, 5 July 2010


Not even properly started here, but the festival season has been in full swing for over a month all over central Europe and Scandinavia with Pinkpop, Hurricane, Rock am Ring, Southside, Open'er Festival and Peace & Love. All of which looked amazing! My personal favourite being Southside for a cetain band (thank goodness for the invention of the internet and live-streaming).