Saturday, 17 September 2011

live a little lustful life

hello everyone. i've been getting quiet again, which i do not like at all. i am also very lazy today and am finding i cannot be bothered to used the caps lock at the start of sentences. let's seen what this turns into...

i recently, well in the last few months anyway, compiled a list of my favourite 10 albums of 2000-2010 but today i am unable to find the document on my laptop, i hope i haven't lost it as it was all journalistic and good as well as inspiring for my career as a shit-hot radio dj. but here is a sneak preview of the albums i remember being on there...

the datsuns - the datsuns (2002)
hurricane bar - mando diao (2004)
hot fuss - the killers (2004)
hopes and fears - keane (2004)
with love and squalor - we are scientists (2005)
waterloo to anywhere - dirty pretty things (2006)
ode to ochrasy - mando diao (2006)
first round first minute - sugarplum fairy (2006)
scars on broadway - scars on broadway (2008)
vivarium - twin atlantic (2009)

i think that's it. now at least i have them saved so i can remember to do proper mini-reviews again. coming up soon...