Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mando remix

Just found what I wanted to hear, fantastic remix of Dance With Somebody by The Salazar Brothers.

Also, I've been listening to constantly to Gay Bar by Electric Six. This be why:

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Just goes to show

Despite my listening habits, much of which from English bands, I've found that most of my time is spent listening to Swedish music. I managed to listen to twice as much Swedish than English whilst listening to 20x more English bands. During my research I found out that The Wannadies are Swedish. The You & Me Song is fabby!!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A blog about shit

Here is a list of some shit stuff.
  • The UK - Depressing island full of shit chav culture. Why must Britain be stereotyped as this chavvy? Some people just ruin it for everyone. Programmes like the X Factor and Big Brother lasting as long as they have is just getting annoying and proving how shit people on this island are.
  • The UK Music Industry - X Factor again. While REAL talent is struggling to make an impact, complete talentless nobodies and Barbies are getting everything they could wish for.What's the point anymore? Also stuff like this is ruining the chances of imported bands who actually know what they are doing. A lot of them have been brought up musically and their little fingers are more talented. Also, why isn't a certain cover by a certain band only available EVER on the Swedish version of iTunes. How do I get it now? Shithead industry.
  • UK iTunes - Shit. Can't get what I want, EVER. Have to import all my shit from Germany and shit like that. Remtards.
  • The UK Public - Don't have a clue. Chavvy scumbags the most of them, don't like to give new shit a chance. Stick two fingers to you from when I screw you all over.
  • The UK Goverment - Had enough, don't have a clue. Just getting shitter and shitter. How do you LOSE Trident? How are all poor people thick? Why are we paying tax when it's going on protecting murderer's identity's? Surely it's US that need protecting from THEM! HOW ABOUT PUTTING THEM IN JAIL YOU SHITS?
  • The UK Education System - No more coursework. Ok, we hated it at the time but it was an easy way to get marks. Also, the only way of explaining people's grades getting higher by the year can't be drawn from a result of better teaching because that seems to be getting worse. Some bloke from some examining board actually admitted to the exams getting easier - what they do is take out the questions more people are getting wrong and replace them with something a bit easier so expect a year 6 exam in place of a GCSE in a couple of years (if it hasn't already reached that point).
  • The UK Film Industry - Ok, so the films are one thing I agree on, some of them are pretty darn good! But what the government have decided to do is cut funding which benefits new filmmakers as well as the film industry in general. So don't expect anything too special in the next few years.
  • The UK University Scandal - The fees are going up - in 2014. But why? We're students, how will we afford to pay back? People are just not going to bother any more.
  • UK shops - All gone. Even the ones that manage to stand strong won't last much longer. Many of the great 'small' towns are now ghost towns, with their once full of stock shop windows now filled with shitty photos of shop interiors which just look shit. Woolworth's was great when we had it and I used to get everything from Zavvi, they got me whatever HMV wouldn't. How has it's original ownership thing of Virgin Megastores still massive in the states? I'll be fine as long as they keep Toys 'r' Us, IKEA (for he giggles of jumping out of wardrobes) and H&M (which is also Swedish anyway!).
  • The UK as soon as fireworks go on sale - I've seen enough fireworks and every year by the time it actually reaches bonfire night I am sick of the sight (and sound) of them! Why don't they just sell them on the day? And in particular DO. NOT. SELL. TO. MINORS! OR. CHAVS. ARSEWIPES!!!
  • UK 'Celebrities' - Celebrities my arse. And since when did Jordan Barbie girl become a best selling author?
Oh, and the new MSN is shit too.