Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swine Flu - Just the media making things sound worse as usual?

Ok, so in the past few years we've had foot and mouth disease and bird flu epidemics and what was the death toll? Low! And now we have swine flu. As usual the media is making it sound like a bigger deal than it actually is: the symtoms are the same as ordinary flu, just stronger and I gues with global warming it's probably only like that because people immune systems are becoming weakened by the changing environment. The first reported case was actually in March, why wait so long before reporting it? Unknowingly people have since visited the original 'affected area' - Mexico. Since the outbreak there has been a total of 9 deaths caused by the virus, the first of which was a child. Could it have been this one perhaps?

Every year we always face some kind of epidemic and, yes, some people do die from it but these are people with weaker immune systems than everyone else. There is nothing to be scared of, the media are just trying to create that sort of reaction. In a lot of cases in which people have caught a strain of the virus they have recovered, just as they would 'normal flu'. Much ado about nothing? I think so!

Updates - perhaps...

So, the recent seasons of my two favourite TV shows is coming to an end. The Inbetweeners have reached the end of term 2 and still haven't been laid, which they really want. The past few episodes have been a bundle of laughs especially the first one which involved a side splitting trip out on a motor boat.
I've also been watching Lost and am becoming more hooked. Will all our questions be answered? An interview with Benjamin Linus actor Michael Emerson revealed there would be an explosive ending, possibly 'The Incident' that was mentioned by Pierre Chang a.k.a Dr Marvin Candle a.k.a Miles Straume's father, in one of the Dharma Initiative Orientation films which are featured throughout the second and third series, and onwards. As to what The Incident was, it is still to be revealed. As is the identity of Jacob. I'm not too sure when we'll find that one out. There's still the question 'What lies in the shadow of the statue?' asked in the last episode. Is that soon to be revealed? It's all very exciting!
Middlesbrough Music Live - As posted in an earlier blog, The Zutons are headlining this years fest. However, the rest of the line up is yet to be confimed. I've got my bets on The Ting Tings (urgh). I hope not! More when I know.
Next weekend - I'm back up in Scotland, this time in Edinburgh. We Are The Physics are playing at Studio 64, should be good. This time I would also like to be able to have a good look around Edinburgh as last time we got lost and never got to see anything. Shall also be popping in Bella Italia again for my pasta. Lovely.
Next booked gig after We Are The Physics is Franz Ferdinand which should be interesting. I'm not such a big fan of their newer stuff but new single No You Girls surpasses previous single Ulysses by about a mile. I never thought I'd see the day when FF went electronic. But it's happened now...
I'm looking forward to hearing the new Maximo Park album Quicken The Heart. That reminds me, I still haven't heard The Kids Are Sick Again and it's out next week!
Anyway, I'm almost sorted with my NVQ which is great. I just wish my website would work! Technically it does but it only displays right on my own computer. Damn MS Word! I wonder what happens when it's over...
Party?! Hmmm

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Computers aren't that bad really

So I was playing on RCT3, as you do, and I quit the game, as you do, when my laptop decided to crash. However when I switched it off and then back on the screen wouldn't load. So we phoned up the computer people and it turns out the battery had been building up static. So with a removal and clicking on F8 during start up, my laptop was back to normal again, minus the noise and with a 'fat' screen, which I fixed no bother.
Most viruses can be removed by pressing F11 during startup. Make sure you have backed up your data first as the PC will be restored to factory setting. Jeez, I learn a lot from problems...
Once again I am looking forward to starting uni in September, I'll probably learn how to write these things better!
Love to you all x

Monday, 27 April 2009

Now this is just creepy

On my scourage of the net the other night reading people's Jacob theories (of course mine is right) I came across this little gem. Not surprisingly, Benjamin Linus is really that creepy in real life too.
In other news - Green Day aren't playing Newcastle. I told everyone they wouldn't but no one believed me. Oh well, I'm not bothered.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Remember this?

Filmed for Swedish TV a couple of years ago, I still think it's good! For your pleasure...

PS Spent the afternoon at RCT3 setting lions loose on the park visitors. Much fun!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Dude, I'm tired...

Today was good. Went to the pictures to see new film I Love You, Man which was hilarious!
I'm certainly never watching reality TV again, due to tonight's Britain's Got Talent. I won't go into it becuase it scared the living daylights out of me.
I'm going to see The Boat That Rocked again next weekend so that should be good!
Today was great! My legs feel dead, even though I didn't walk much, but I am developing a bit of a cold which isn't really too good.
LOST isn't on tomorrow! And that's really bad because I don't know when they'll reveal who Jacob is, but I imagine my theory is right!
Anyway, I guess I'll be off now. I'll post this video up because as soon as I clicked onto the internet tonight the song was stuck in my head. I've no idea why...

Friday, 24 April 2009

My NVQ Work

I think the guy is finally happy with what I've done! However there is a few glitches I have to sort out such as the display of my website. When I did it on Microsoft Word it created sub folders for each page, which it shouldn't have done, so when I've zipped up the folder and sent it across images aren't shown and text is displaying weirdly. So I have to go into the centre to sort out the weirdness next month then hopefully that's the last time the phrase 'National Vocational Qualification' is heard by me. Well, at least for this 'course'. This web design issue, when clarified, will hoefully sign off another two units. I'm excited! I spent the full morning refreshing my Learning Assistant, waiting for the units to turn green (this just means they've been accepted and marked as complete). I was on the edge! But then I got a call through about it and I'm slightly more at ease now, well, for the time being! Anyway, I shall be off.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

This question was asked in this week's LOST and there is numerous theories as to what the answer is.
- The Egyptian temple
- The H Bomb (which was buried back in the '50s on the Island)
- Jacob
- The source of the electromagnitism
- The time travel wheel

Those last two I came up with myself.
As to Jacob, who is he?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

English Lit. Lessons

I remember studying Romeo & Juliet at school and we would sit and watch the 1968 film version, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, to help us understand the script and the story (which is basically easy to follow - 2 lovers from opposing families, secretly married and die together). Anyway, this film in particular was great at portarying Romeo and Juliet as both characters were actually played by people of similar ages to the original story, two teenagers. And on top of that, Romeo was pretty darn hot! At the end of the lesson we had to pause the film just before the balcony scene ('Oh Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?'). When we resumed with watching the film his face filled the screen and it was great! Unfortunately our teacher managed to break the DVD so we couldn't watch the rest of the film, so we missed the bedroom scene, which was probably quite lucky considering what was shown, I didn't say it was hardcore!

I hate copper coins

I hate working in a bank and someone comes in with a load of copper which you then have to sit and spend ages counting out. My hands stank and felt all dirty afterwards. I also used to hate having to sit down in the canteen at college to eat and finding someone had left a pile of change on the table and it just felt dirty and made me feel sick. Please get the stuff away from me and keep it away.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Just watched the newest episode, with my mum who didn't have a clue what was going on so I kept having to explain during ad breaks.
Cliffhanger ending! I love it when they do that because you know the next episode's going to be mint! Anyway, I'm off to research the episode, no, I'm not intending to find out what happens next!
Bye for now.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The weather...

... is far too hot! And the most annoying thing was I had to spend the entire day inside.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Here's to another depressing week to come...

Have to work again, I'm afraid, but I'd much rather be out with friends! As would anyone, but it's life...
Today's weather was nice, shame I was a bit down or else today would have been perfect.
Anyway, why do I come on here just to say bad stuff? I better go...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The spaceman says, "Everybody look down! It's all in your mind!"

Figured out how the park speakers on RCT 3 work, and have had Spaceman by The Killers playing for the past hour or so. Much fun. Also created The Cribs so have been following them around in the park, they seem to be having fun which is great! I'll be letting loose some other bands soon so watch this space (man). Anyway, seeing as I've been listening to one song on repeat for so long I think I should be off to bed. One more day at work and then it's the weekend! And I'm looking forward to it so much. So it's good night from me for now, I'll be back very soon.
PS I'm going to see The Boat That Rocked again.

PPS I would include Spaceman by The Killers but YouTube has blocked it. Oh well. Good night kiddies.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

It's been bloody mental...

I never want to work in a bank again. We've had tons of people in the last couple of weeks transferring ISAs just because it's the start of the new tax year. Why they all have to wait until now I've no idea. Anyway, today in particular has been horrendous. I didn't get a moments rest at any point, except when I managed to escape out for lunch. Never again...
I though my day had been bad enough until I came home and found my computer resolution settings had managed to change themselves so I spent half an hour trying to sort them out, switching the computer off thinking this would help. It didn't but I managed to find a solution.
I received some good news today though. I've been told of a course which will enhance my previous radio work, and it will look brilliant on my CV when I'm working towards a top radio job. So thanks to Adam for letting me know about that.
Anyway, I better be off. It's been one year since I went to see The Hives so I'll be enjoying a night of their music. Just like old days. Head over to The Hives website and read my story about the day I met The Hives.

Monday, 13 April 2009

50's Diners, Rock n Roll and Psychedelia

These past few days have been amazing! On Friday I headed off to Newcastle but ended up walking to the train station because the buses (which I was told were running Saturday service) were running Sunday service. I had no hastle with the trains though! Got into Newcastle and went to the Metro Centre (yay!) and looked at the area that used to be Metroland (R.I.P). I found the best movie soundtrack ever in HMV which, like in the description, is rather a collection of some of the best songs of the 1960's and it's playing in the background as I write, playing on my CD player! I'm trying to be old-school here!
Saturday we secured a house! We ended up having to walk through Byker to get to the estate agents (no, we didn't see Byker Grove!).
I watched two episodes of each of my two favourite TV shows, Lost and The Inbetweeners. Lost is getting more and more exciting and some things are starting to make some sense. I've been reading some interesting theories too! All of which were discussed before the current episode.
The Inbetweeners is as funny as ever, they haven't changed at all!
Saturday evening me and Adam created a podcast! I'll get that up on here on some point.
Yesterday I watched Tommy which was written by The Who, as a rock opera of sorts. It's a strange film with an interesting style. I'd recommend it.
Today me and Adam went to Fenwick's and we went to the third floor where the toys are and there's now a 50's style diner there as well so we decided to pop in. It was amazing! There was a jukebox and it was free which was great so I selected The Shoop Shoop Song (NOT THE CHER ONE!!!).
Anyway, that's a summary of my weekend, I'm back at work tomorrow (awww).
As Marty McFly once said;
If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Good weekend

4 days off work! That's 4 DAYS OFF! 4 days to do whatever the hell I like, and that's to go to Newcastle to see my boyfriend. It's going to be great!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Alcohol and Mando Diao

Probably one of the best combinations there is!

Middlesbrough Music Live 2009

Just been doing some digging around and can tell you two things.
This years festival will be held on the 7th of June and the headliners have been announced as The Zutons.
Sounds good, am looking forward to the rest of the line up! Last year was brilliant and certainly will be hard to beat but nevertheless it's always a good day out.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

While I'm at it...

People nowadays think they are funny and I agree, a lot of them are but this is just comedy gold! I read about it on wikipedia and laughed my socks off.

Music really does make the world go round

Oh, it does!! I was on youtube earlier but was indecisive as to what to watch. I'm signed up on there so as soon as I click onto the site I get a list of recommended videos and the one below was included. It's a favourite song of mine but it's actually the first time I've seen the full video and it's actually one of the few videos I've seen that actually fit in with the song and this song is about living in dark times and dreaming of a perfect world. It's one of the best songs off the album, Ode To Ochrasy and it's probably a good way of explaining the lives we live today.

Monday, 6 April 2009

I've taken to writing on this quite often...

... and complaining about how bad my week has been but today wasn't all that bad. It wasn't as busy as we expected but for some reason when I got in this morning there was a note on my desk. It read:
So am I not allowed to email my NVQ assessor for help anymore? That's why I was on Hotmail, finding out about what's happened to a bonus payment that I should have received as well as a load of NVQ related questions such as how to complete certain tasks. What I can't understand is why it's one rule for me but a different rule for everyone else. I'm an apprentice (although I'd rather not be but who knew it would be this bad?), how does that make me less equal to anyone else? I never really wanted this placement, I only went on to shut the centre manager up as she was complaining that people were turning down placements. My reason for not wanting it was because last July I found a life outside of work, a social life and I wasn't going to work all week and take up my weekend time working as well because of this life I had found. I have friends now, as well as the best boyfriend anyone could ask for and there's no reason why I should have to throw away friendships because I have been asked to work weekends. Friends or work? It's an easy question to answer, I'm still going to have those friends no matter what happens.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Today is gonna be the day they're gonna throw it back to you

Today went quite well, and then I realised it was Sunday and I'm back in hell tomorrow. Okay, that's a bit harsh perhaps. I also missed Lost and soon found that when I went to watch the hour late showing that Sky 1 + doesn't seem to exist! So looks like I'll have to wait and see what happens. The annoying thing is that it's getting really rather exciting! And now I'm gutted because I don't know what happens next. Anyway, good points of the day included me picking up my bass and actually being able to play which was great but the best thing was not ended up with blistered fingers.Well, I really need to start thinking about that podcast I was going to make so I'll be off for tonight. Bye bye.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Boat That Rocked

Went to see it today and so should you. It's mint! That is all.

Friday, 3 April 2009

And it's over

It's finally the weekend!! However next week is going to be hell because we're expecting it to be extremely busy. Like I said, goes from one extreme to the other where I work!
Anyway... this week I've really got back into 80s music by listening to Blondie who are my unofficial band of the week for this week. Absolutely brilliant band... Some people are embarrassed by the 80s which is something I'll never understand because it was clearly an ace decade! Especially for the music and film industries. Today is not as good and never will be.
Why do all my recent blogs end up as a massive complaint about life? Quite depressing actually. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be fine!
I'm almost sorted for uni, just a few things I need to smooth out then I'm away! So, see you from the top!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Whaaaat happened today?

Today is the greatest
Day I've ever kown
Can't live for tomorrow
Tomorrow's much too long

I wish it had been. I've had nothing at all to do at work for about a week now and it's boring me. I've spent the best part of the week staring at the learning assistant page for my NVQ, waiting for units to be signed off. Other days I have been bogged down with work and I've been in a weird state of panic. Well, that's probably a bit of a strong feeling, I guess confusion is a better word. So basically one day I could be sat there with nothing to do and the next I'll be doing far more work than is humanly possible. Spread it all out and I'd be fine but it has to be done as soon as I get it. Not my rules. Anyway, I'll be off now and I'll probably post up a new poll too. Might be back tomorrow, good night!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Fools

So I got fooled. I had no realisation of April Fools Day at all until ‘April Fools!’ I had already changed my calendar over but still I was pranked before I had chance to do anything.

I was on my way to work when a text came through from my boyfriend, Adam, in which he explained that his hair had turned ginger and he had no idea how! I was straight on the phone to him, ‘What have you done?!?!’

Obviously my chance to prank him was up, it was pointless me doing anything now. Maybe next year…