Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swine Flu - Just the media making things sound worse as usual?

Ok, so in the past few years we've had foot and mouth disease and bird flu epidemics and what was the death toll? Low! And now we have swine flu. As usual the media is making it sound like a bigger deal than it actually is: the symtoms are the same as ordinary flu, just stronger and I gues with global warming it's probably only like that because people immune systems are becoming weakened by the changing environment. The first reported case was actually in March, why wait so long before reporting it? Unknowingly people have since visited the original 'affected area' - Mexico. Since the outbreak there has been a total of 9 deaths caused by the virus, the first of which was a child. Could it have been this one perhaps?

Every year we always face some kind of epidemic and, yes, some people do die from it but these are people with weaker immune systems than everyone else. There is nothing to be scared of, the media are just trying to create that sort of reaction. In a lot of cases in which people have caught a strain of the virus they have recovered, just as they would 'normal flu'. Much ado about nothing? I think so!

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