Friday, 3 April 2009

And it's over

It's finally the weekend!! However next week is going to be hell because we're expecting it to be extremely busy. Like I said, goes from one extreme to the other where I work!
Anyway... this week I've really got back into 80s music by listening to Blondie who are my unofficial band of the week for this week. Absolutely brilliant band... Some people are embarrassed by the 80s which is something I'll never understand because it was clearly an ace decade! Especially for the music and film industries. Today is not as good and never will be.
Why do all my recent blogs end up as a massive complaint about life? Quite depressing actually. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be fine!
I'm almost sorted for uni, just a few things I need to smooth out then I'm away! So, see you from the top!

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