Thursday, 30 April 2009

Updates - perhaps...

So, the recent seasons of my two favourite TV shows is coming to an end. The Inbetweeners have reached the end of term 2 and still haven't been laid, which they really want. The past few episodes have been a bundle of laughs especially the first one which involved a side splitting trip out on a motor boat.
I've also been watching Lost and am becoming more hooked. Will all our questions be answered? An interview with Benjamin Linus actor Michael Emerson revealed there would be an explosive ending, possibly 'The Incident' that was mentioned by Pierre Chang a.k.a Dr Marvin Candle a.k.a Miles Straume's father, in one of the Dharma Initiative Orientation films which are featured throughout the second and third series, and onwards. As to what The Incident was, it is still to be revealed. As is the identity of Jacob. I'm not too sure when we'll find that one out. There's still the question 'What lies in the shadow of the statue?' asked in the last episode. Is that soon to be revealed? It's all very exciting!
Middlesbrough Music Live - As posted in an earlier blog, The Zutons are headlining this years fest. However, the rest of the line up is yet to be confimed. I've got my bets on The Ting Tings (urgh). I hope not! More when I know.
Next weekend - I'm back up in Scotland, this time in Edinburgh. We Are The Physics are playing at Studio 64, should be good. This time I would also like to be able to have a good look around Edinburgh as last time we got lost and never got to see anything. Shall also be popping in Bella Italia again for my pasta. Lovely.
Next booked gig after We Are The Physics is Franz Ferdinand which should be interesting. I'm not such a big fan of their newer stuff but new single No You Girls surpasses previous single Ulysses by about a mile. I never thought I'd see the day when FF went electronic. But it's happened now...
I'm looking forward to hearing the new Maximo Park album Quicken The Heart. That reminds me, I still haven't heard The Kids Are Sick Again and it's out next week!
Anyway, I'm almost sorted with my NVQ which is great. I just wish my website would work! Technically it does but it only displays right on my own computer. Damn MS Word! I wonder what happens when it's over...
Party?! Hmmm

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