Monday, 13 April 2009

50's Diners, Rock n Roll and Psychedelia

These past few days have been amazing! On Friday I headed off to Newcastle but ended up walking to the train station because the buses (which I was told were running Saturday service) were running Sunday service. I had no hastle with the trains though! Got into Newcastle and went to the Metro Centre (yay!) and looked at the area that used to be Metroland (R.I.P). I found the best movie soundtrack ever in HMV which, like in the description, is rather a collection of some of the best songs of the 1960's and it's playing in the background as I write, playing on my CD player! I'm trying to be old-school here!
Saturday we secured a house! We ended up having to walk through Byker to get to the estate agents (no, we didn't see Byker Grove!).
I watched two episodes of each of my two favourite TV shows, Lost and The Inbetweeners. Lost is getting more and more exciting and some things are starting to make some sense. I've been reading some interesting theories too! All of which were discussed before the current episode.
The Inbetweeners is as funny as ever, they haven't changed at all!
Saturday evening me and Adam created a podcast! I'll get that up on here on some point.
Yesterday I watched Tommy which was written by The Who, as a rock opera of sorts. It's a strange film with an interesting style. I'd recommend it.
Today me and Adam went to Fenwick's and we went to the third floor where the toys are and there's now a 50's style diner there as well so we decided to pop in. It was amazing! There was a jukebox and it was free which was great so I selected The Shoop Shoop Song (NOT THE CHER ONE!!!).
Anyway, that's a summary of my weekend, I'm back at work tomorrow (awww).
As Marty McFly once said;
If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.

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