Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Weird Al

"Can't figure out why they don't weigh a ton" - GENIUS

Saturday, 26 June 2010


When you promise someone a call back, the least you can do is, um, call back. Not that hard. On the otherhand I now have no money left to spend on getting to job interviews, it's a case of staying alive. But I'm not that easy at turning stuff down. When I want something I take it seriously. When employers want something it's an entire pisstake ... sign shows up in window asking for staff ... candidate hands in CV ... employer rings up requesting candidate go to interview in two hours ... interview goes well and employer promises call back regardless of success ... no call back ... one week later and sign asking for staff is back in window. There's no courtesy at all, what's the point in trying with some people? You either want staff or you don't, love.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Saturday, 12 June 2010

43 Days For Post

After waiting a total of 43 days (yes, that includes one bank holiday and however many Sundays) the postman decided to deliver my post. How nice of him.

Refering back to yesterday, I have come across an old(ish) Noel Gallagher quote:
"Unfortunately, we live in the age of rap and R&B. Don't listen to the radio. That's my advice."
He also DOES think that there are GOOD bands on this planet too. You should listen to them.
"There's still a lot of good rock & roll: Black Mountain are incredible, Mando Diao, a band from North London callad the Jim Jones Revue."

That's good advice and worth taking note of.


Friday, 11 June 2010


Lovely enticing invite for you there, join in with the fun and games that make up mandodiao.com
In the meantime, it's almost festival time again. I decided not to report from Middlesbrough Music Live this year because, to be honest, the line up was a bit pants. I didn't get up to much instead but was thinking that maybe the organisers need a kick up the arse and that they shouldn't just hire bands because so and so have said they are good. They need to get out there and find them. There's plenty of amazing bands out there that never get much attention just because they don't sign to a bigger label or whatever. And there is even more amazing bands who just aren't making it over here because of the close mindedness of the British public. Dizzee Rascal? He's crap. Grindie, Hip hop? What the hell is wrong with you? I practically got assaulted by a member of De La Soul at Evolution basically because I wasn't enjoying them. It wasn't even music. It was three black guys talking over crap drumbeats. Whenever I want to hear people talk over 'music', I go to the cinema, that's what it's there for!
Look at this album review from nme.com for Mando Diao lastest offering:

The Swedish outfit fail to fuel flames.
Much like Jet, it’s difficult to escape the unerring feeling that without a major label budget Mando Diao would be little more than a top rate pub band.
Then look at the sort of bands the NME calls 'good' nowadays; and suprisingly they all manage to sound the same! Major label budget? They are, douchebag, last time I checked they were under the wings of Universal Island. That's have they manage to release not only an album but a 'package'. If they got their heads unstuck from Dizzee Rascal, Enter Shakira and Bloc Party's arses then music wouldn't be the mess it is today. Basically, all I'm saying is, you don't have to sound like The Libertines or The Strokes (cough almost everyone cough)to be considered good. It's just a shame that it's only these bands getting any attention. Most people clearly hate the sound of something new.I used to be like it myself until a couple of years ago when I decided that nothing is about keeping other people happy, just as long as you are happy with the way you are. Nothing is more important than being yourself. Fuck this corporate shit.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Google just got cooler

Google is renowned for its logo changes for special occasions and came up with a pretty damn good idea the other week in order to celebrate Pac Man's 25th birthday. The logo was changed into an actual working Pac Man game for a few days before being sadly deleted.
But that's not all, those of us lucky people who have Google accounts can now change the background of our Google home page and here's mine for you to have a gander:Isn't that lovely, non-account holders?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Birthdays, postmen and more

Yesterday was Zachary Quinto's birthday, so happy birthday to him. It would have been a good birthday present to reprise him in his role as Sylar in Heroes season 5 but thanks to NBC...

Why are postmen rubbish at getting stuff to you? I've been waiting for a package from Sweden for a month and I still haven't got it so I'm assuming it's been lost. I hope my parcel from Switzerland comes when it's supposed to - which is anytime between tomorrow and the 16th of the month.

It's a very sunny day and there are seagulls outside my window. They are very noisy and make me want to close the window. But I think I'll leave it for a while.

I finally watched Public Enemies last night - in a sort of fashion as the phone kept ringing. I would have probably kept on the storyline a bit better if I'd watched it uninterrupted. I wished for sun over heavy rain instead.

But anyway... that poll thing is still up, along with some lovely videos for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at both!