Thursday, 28 February 2008


I just got round to watching the awesomeness that is Control on Sunday night (after being IDed in Morrison's when I bought my copy). I have to say it is the best film I have seen in my entire life. Watching it you can see how much passion has gone into the making, and the scripting was surperb. What about 'Big dog's cock'? Can you say that?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Taken me a long while to post some shizz

So here goes, me first blog :)

Life is good. April will be the best month of my life, so far :)

I've spent the last two years in college and have chosen to not go to Uni but I'm thinking of moving away, yeah, I have got a place in mind and a reason for doing so.

I've been listening to B Is For Brutus like it's the end of the world, what a tune that is, I hope The Hives play it live in April. Yesssss, UK tour, it's good it's the holidays, I could just go to every show :) Awesome.

So, many a late night I've had these past three and a half weeks but it's been well worth it, I actually found myself to be more tired on an early night, strange that. Someone explain to me why.

I'm going to post here more, I promise so if I start deviating and talking about Howlin' Pelle Almqvist then it's okay to tell me to shut the fk up.

Thank you and good bye (for now)