Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Taken me a long while to post some shizz

So here goes, me first blog :)

Life is good. April will be the best month of my life, so far :)

I've spent the last two years in college and have chosen to not go to Uni but I'm thinking of moving away, yeah, I have got a place in mind and a reason for doing so.

I've been listening to B Is For Brutus like it's the end of the world, what a tune that is, I hope The Hives play it live in April. Yesssss, UK tour, it's good it's the holidays, I could just go to every show :) Awesome.

So, many a late night I've had these past three and a half weeks but it's been well worth it, I actually found myself to be more tired on an early night, strange that. Someone explain to me why.

I'm going to post here more, I promise so if I start deviating and talking about Howlin' Pelle Almqvist then it's okay to tell me to shut the fk up.

Thank you and good bye (for now)

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