Friday, 31 July 2009

R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson

Again, we have lost a legend. Last month was Michael Jackson. Today, I was sad to hear the news that Sir Bobby Robson lost his battle with cancer, after previously beating it a massive four times. He has been very brave, having still got on with life, smiling all the time and helping others with his charity which helps with research to develop a new drug to fight cancer.
This loss has created an impact on numerous people, I myself had a tear in my eye when I found out.

May you rest in peace.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Element Series

So I've just completed my Element Series of Coasters on RCT3 and am coming up with 'themes' for them, these are what I have decided on so far...
FIRE - Give Me Fire (Mando Diao)
AIR - Air On The G-String
WATER - The Tide Is High (Blondie)
EARTH - The Earth Song (Michael Jackson)
If you come up with any better let me know, it could be a good idea to get as many tracks as possible and get like little playlist things done so FIRE could be like Give Me Fire, Meltdown (Ash) and Firestarter (Prodigy) etc etc...
I want to come up with the craziest coaster in the world, powered by a bass guitar which would be cool.
I have one problem with this game, it makes my computer run slowly for about half an hour after turning it off...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Memories haha

I was just youtubing as you do and found this for you. Much fun.

What I might have done today...

I listened to some music and painted over graffiti again because last weeks paint was just total crap but I think it's ok now. I could do a proper job and then do stencils over it which would be cool.
I've really not been up to much else, I still haven't got a job.

In other news...
Kaiser Chiefs frontman, Ricky Wilson, has managed to break a rib while jumping between a barrier and the stage at a gig. This follows previous incidents involving his ankle in 2005 and 2007 as well as being ran over whilst making his way home from a Hard-Fi gig back in May 2006.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Bring 'Em In, Mean Street & Viva City

Viva City played at The Cluny 2 on Saturday night, to promote their new single 'Have You Ever Felt So Messed Up' which is out now! I watched the show from the balcony which meant I had a good view of the crowd too who looked like they were having a lot of fun! Glow sticks were being thrown all over the place as were bodies of people trying to bounce around as much as was humanly possible. The set was pretty much perfect although unfortunately didn't include favourites 'Kate Bush' and 'Pretty City Life', both of which I've only ever seen them play once but apart from that the choice of songs wasn't bad at all. Anyway, overall it was a great show and a top crowd, most of which were 14 year olds who were clearly overwhelmed that they had been let in.

So as previously blogged, Mando Diao's Mean Street EP is out now and I have given it a twirl and I must say it is a fantastic introduction to the band for many of those who have not yet heard of them. The title track has a strong 60s vibe, which is a constant within new album, Give Me Fire. With jangly pianos and melodies it is a brilliant shout out to the UK. The official video is below.
The EP also included album tracks Give Me Fire and Blue Lining White Trenchcoat, both tracks again different but with a similar wavelength to Mean Street. Again, both brilliant. The closer was Burning Up, a B-Side of the recent European single, Gloria, which I didn't find as strong as the other tracks but enjoyed the experience all the same.

HMV kindly rang me up on Saturday to let me know my import from Sweden had arrived. No, it wasn't Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, but I'm not complaining because I've met him and he was cool. It was my very own copy of Bring 'Em In by Mando Diao. I've just finished listening to it and it was an amazing album, although I still think Hurricane Bar slightly pips the post as to which is my favourite of the two, which isn't bad at all though! Opening track Sheepdog sounds even more fantastic than ever, if that's even possible, but it does! The entire album follows on beautifully from that, through quiet guitar work to the loudest of loudness (well, it's just giving a comparison). Anyway, I enjoyed this album and I'm hoping that I'm just as impressed by Never Seen The Light Of Day and current record Give Me Fire.

That comes to the end for today. Well, almost...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

'Blue lining, blue lining, blue lining, white trench coat!'

So the new Mando Diao EP Mean Street was released in the UK on Monday, as a preview to new album Give Me Fire.
The EP features 3 songs from the album, as well as a b-side for current European single Gloria, which can all be listened to on the website but I'm sure you'll find the full tracks on youtube if you want to listen there. My copy of the EP hasn't yet reached my hands so I spent the evening looking at press clippings of reviews and came across a stripped down piano version of Give Me Fire's lead single, Dance With Somebody. The original song is a dance floor filler with a pounding bassline so at first I imagined this new version as not sounding quite right. Then I listened to it and it is a beautiful piece of music. So I thought I would post it up here. Enjoy.

The full album should be due for release here soon, possibly September when the band will be visiting the isle for a jaunt of early autumn shows. The dates for those shows are as below:
Sunday, Sep 13 - Oran Mor, Glasgow
Tuesday, Sep 15 - Islington Academy, London
Wednesday, Sep 16- Academy 2, Birmingham
Thursday, Sep 17 - Club Academy, Manchester
Friday, Sep 18 - Digital, Brighton
Saturday, Sep 19- Thekla, Bristol

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Paints and rain

I did some painting this morning, to cover up some graffitti I did on an old box I have and it looks pretty bad actually. I can't paint...
It's chucking it down outside and I'm freezing! I got rained on before going to see We Are The Physics on Saturday and I got soaked so this time I'm staying in.

Currently listening to - The Cure - Greatest Hits

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I went to see the new Harry Potter film on Saturday but have just got round to giving it a review.
I had previously been told that the film was excellent and the best of the series, but that the ending was a bit of a let down. The Pope, who had previously criticised the books as being 'the basis of evil', said the film was good at explaining the difference between 'good' and 'evil'. So before going into see the film, I had high expectations.
The film opened with scenes just mentioned as happening prior to the beginning of the book but this gave good scape as to what exactly had been happening since Lord Voldemort was made public once more.
Some scenes were unexpected to readers of the series having not happened in the books. As more events were removed from the story, these were replaced which gave the film a bit of an edge for those that had been reading the books. This was a good move as the unexpected kept the interest of the viewers and well as making the film roll.
The ending... a lot seemed to be packed into the last 10 minutes; Malfoy... Snape... Dumbledore... Phoenix... and also a random shot of the empty Great Hall which seemed to have no relevance to the storyline, the ending kind of ruined it. After what had been a magical episode had been almost ruined by the ending. It was all too much in a short space of time.
Overall I particularly enjoyed this film, and was kept on my toes for the entire thing (almost). A must see.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Sunday, 19 July 2009

We Are The Physics

I promised photos and videos but I managed to forget to take my camera so I'm just doing a review instead.
There were five bands playing the Prancey Dog stage so we were headed there. Soundcheck was still on so we decided on our hunt for We Are The Physics and failed so went for a coffee at Great Coffee on the Quayside instead. Well, I had a strawberry milkshake. After that we decided to return to the venue where first band The Cornshed Sisters had just finished, said hi to Ross from The Futureheads and sat down on the plush tiered seats up the far wall. Not long after we struck gold, leaving the room only to bump into 3 Michael's and a Chris ('Eeeee, you've had your hair cut!') We had a nice chat with them before they disappeared backstage. I think we went back outside for a walk next, looking for the steps to The Cumberland Arms coming back to catch the end of Chippewa Falls who sounded amazing, their music reminding me of waterfalls and forests and stuff. I just seemed to melt away. It was the next interlude and I must have bumped into Michael M (literally) twice. Much fun. Next up was Lianne Hall with a guitar, a repeat pedal and a keyboard and using them all to great effect. We watched Les Cox (Sportif) from the balcony. I had already heard about them so what I was expecting was different to what we got. They were quite fast paced and dancey which is what I usually look for in a band. Managed to get a nice chat with the drummer afterwards, congratulating him on the set. Anddd... finally.... WE ARE THE PHYSICS!!! I. Was. Completely. Blown. Away. Last time they played in Newcastle one person turned up (that being my Adam) but they've collected together a few fans since then. For one song, Michael M wanted us to completely destroy the place including us jumping off balconies and breaking each others arms, a very violent mosh pit. For some reason the crowd had become a bit smaller after Les Cox (Sportif) but I'm pretty sure if everyone had stayed they would have been willing to participate in the request. As promised the set included a world wide premiere of new song Dildonics. It started a bit slow but turned out as a tune of the catchy variety, it's going to be a hit. Also played was the 'English National Anthem', the Eastenders theme tune. To close up for the night was a rendition of Less Than Three (featuring yours faithfully). Oh yes, I played Michael M's bass. Usually he gives the bass to a random crowd member and jumps around the crowd. Originally it was given to a lad at the other side who ended up stading it up in front of him because he didn't have a clue so I ended up with it, I very much confused Michael as he was looking for it to get it back! Overall it was the best I've ever seen them and I'm looking forward to them playing here again.
Post-show hugs and a chat with Michael Guitar followed, before we had to run to catch the last bus. We would have stayed if we could but next time they are here we will make it up for running off.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

It's been raining again

It's warm and sunny too, though, which is nice. We Are The Physics later, haven't seen them yet but will go out hunting later which should be fun!

Friday, 17 July 2009

NARC. Fest tomorrow

Featuring We Are The Physics. Expect photos, videos and a full review. See you on my return.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Cure that doesn't involve me having to go to bed? Because I'm not tired. Just bored. And I have been all day. Alongside a splitting headache. But I know why that is.
I've not yet got any more artworks or photographs to put on here. There's been a Sugarplum Fairy picture I was doing but I abandoned that ages ago.
Today I went through some of my stuff looking if there was anything I could throw out but I seem to have done that so often there was nothing. I'll probably find something in a couple of weeks though. I intend to have a massive clearout before I could on holiday and then when I come back I can focus on packing. Tomorrow, though, I might play bass. My fingers don't seem to be getting damaged as much anymore which is good but considering the amount I've played the skin doesn't seem to have hardened up as much as I expected. It's done naff all really. I'm getting better at playing continuous notes now (ie The Lovecats by The Cure). The faster songs I used to be really go at are killing my wrist, but I never give up.
I've just invited We Are The Physics out for lunch. Much fun.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


WTF?! Very, very entertaining, it was f--king hilarious. But very rude. Including bondage. Nice.

Managed to get HMV to order in Mando Diao's first album for me. Well I'm hoping it's the right one. The guy didn't understand 'Mando Diao' and I'm not too clear with saying letters to spell it so I ended up telling him album titles. Two albums came up for 'Bring Em In' but even my garbled version of 'Mando Diao' sounds very different to 'Buddy Guy'. Thank Gustaf.
Looks like it's probably eBay for the other albums...

Got tickets for Biffy Clyro. They are playing Newcastle O2 Academy on November 4th. Tickets are £16.50 each and can be bought via your regular vendors.

I got 2 free meals courtesy of Marks & Spencers today. What happened was I'd made my order and hadn't received it after half an hour so went to investigate the situation. They think they got the order mixed with someone elses so I got a full refund plus an extra pound or so. I originally bought the meals as meal deals but got back how much each item costed individually.

Ended up in a Weatherspoon's pub last night. There was lads there as part of a Stag night and 2 were ejected from the club after pulling down their pants and dancing. Very funny.

There's a sale on at Fenwick's. Go. And don't forget to visit the 3rd floor.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hiro cameo in Goldmember

Watch out for the Pokémon!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Two members of Panic! At The Disco have quit

One of them was a replacement member anyway. The other guy was apparently the songwriter which is the best possible outcome because then we won't have to put up with any more of their tripe. Hope this is the end. Emo bands should be shot.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Michael Jackson's body has been reported as missing

Maybe because the media doesn't know where it is? I'm sure the family know and he's probably been buried now.
His body has been reported missing since the end of the memorial service thing on Tuesday where his coffin was on display. Who's to know this wasn't just a decoy?
But the point is, just because the media doesn't know doesn't mean they are always right.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Weekend photography

Took some photos of the Tyne and Millenium Bridges as well as my bass.

The sexiest first page of most played on Last.FM ...

... in the world ...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Stockton Riverside Fringe Festival

This years fest is being held July 30th - August 2nd, at Stockton (obviously!).
The Futureheads are playing this year but as to venue, time and date I'm a little unsure so I'll get that posted as soon as I have found out. I've only just this second found out that they are evn playing which was a nice surprise. (I WANT A PRESS PASS!)
Other bands playing are Supergrass, The Charlatans and The Proclaimers which already makes it that much more better than Middlesbrough Music Live 2009 was.
Entry to the site is free
Lovely jubbly.
"This year will see Brit-poppers, The Charlatans headline the main stage on Friday 31st, Supergrass doing the deed on Saturday 1st, and Auchtermuchty’s finest folk-rockers and foot-tappers, The Proclaimers finishing The Fringe off on Sunday 2nd August.
Arguably already the biggest music festival in the North, this firmly places it amongst the biggest free festivals in the country this summer.
The Fringe’s main stage which will once again be on Stockton’s Riverside, will have a capacity of 10,000. With the hugely popular Comedy Tent plus events in and around The Georgian Theatre and Stockton Cultural Quarter, there will be something for everyone.
The Fringe kicks off on Thursday 30th July in The Georgian Theatre, with the welcome return of ex-Love & Money front man James Grant, with the main stage opening for business at noon the next day.
All Fringe events are free of charge, including the main music stage and comedy tent."
(Last.FM 2009)
UPDATE:- The Futureheads are opening for Supergrass on the main stage on Saturday the 1st August. They are on at 20.15. Saturday, main stage, 20.15. I haven't heard of any of the other bands on that day... So, with an arena that hold 10,000 people, I best get a good place at the front quite early in the day. (I STILL WANT A PRESS PASS, THEN I CAN STAND EVERYWHERE!)
And, I love this...
"Hailing from Sunderland their cover of Kate Bush’s “Hands of Love” reached No. 1 in the charts and was named best single of 2005 by NME. Expect to hear a wider range of noises than from Motor Mouth Jones of Police Academy fame."


I haven't wrote in a while, but I've just found out Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in the Potter films) had swine flu! However it was a mild bout and he has been given the all clear now. He's safe to attend the premiere of Potter 6 (The Half Blood Prince) as planned and will be resuming filming.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What We Are The Physics did in 2007

Very funny.

Stayed at home

I've spent a lot of time lately just staying at home, since my apprenticeship ended all I've really been doing when I do leave is go to Newcastle. I've been sat in my room for most of the rest of the time. Tragic. Today I went outside where I went into town and walked home along the beach. It was too warm. I got back home, drank a lot of water then collapsed at the sofa before holding my head under a cold tap which didn't help much. I can't go upstairs, a wall of heat hits me, it's like walking into an oven or something. I'm now sat in front of an open window, I can feel the chill.