Thursday, 5 July 2012

Annoying things

First blog in a while again, just thought I'd post about things that grate me.

So apparently there has been a few complaints about the new Go Compare adverts. What I don't understand is how people who hate this guy to death are complaining about him being blown up. Isn't that a good thing? My complaint, however, is the fact that he is still even GETTING adverts. Wandering and driving around the city the past couple of weeks and have found the most amazing 'Go Compare' graffiti. I love how nothing is being done to combat it, it's fantastic! The new Go Compare billboards are up and the graffiti ranges from "Go away" to "Go jump off a cliff". You get the picture, it's quite amazing!!

I've had problems in the recent few weeks with people not being straight with me from the start and being all happy clappy with me instead. And then they completely back stab me when it comes to the crucial moment. I was bullied a lot in younger years so have learnt to be honest and straight with people. It's horrible how people can be otherwise.

Probably everyone around me has heard my rants about cyclists and my continuation to quote the Highway Code to everyone who (doesn't) listens. I am sick to death of almost being ran over by moronic cyclists who shouldn't even be riding on the pavement anyway. What's even worse are the ones who do it NEXT to a cycle lane. I've heard excuses such as "Don't have a helmet", "haven't got any reflective clothing", "don't have any lights fixed to my bike and it's getting dark." They are not good enough excuses to ride on the pavement. There is no excuse for riding on the pavement. There is a law against it due to pedestrian safety. I don't have the time of day for this.

Fifty Shades of effing Grey. Sick to death of it, it's perverted and crap, badly written and started off as Twilight fan-fiction. End of. Pile of shit.