Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Lets make things nice and sparkling clear. This sarcasm - if I may call it such, is very unbecoming of you oh my brothers

I'm beyond getting upset over stuff. I've got to the point where I just want to stand up and point and laugh at the offenders who offend me with their apparent wit and so called 'awesomeness'. The cocky little shits who ruin lives are not worth it. I have viddied much problems and decided to just lay back and let them think they've won. I've learnt it's the only way to get people to back down.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chipmunk songs

Still to find one that's not funny.
Made my own.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Last Night's Heroes

Holy smokess! Sylar's back! And this time he's back for good!
In a fun filled episode in which Claire Bennett and Peter Petrelli were dealing with the death of Nathan, Sylar still managed to find time to slip in some smooth shirtless action whilst trying to get back onto his killing spree. After many twists and turns to get back at Samuel he's now set on the path back to Claire, following their encounter in season 3 when she had her head sliced open thus making Sylar inevitably immortal. This completely screwed up the whole Save The Cheerleader, Save The World thing that Hiro Nakamura warned Peter against all those seasons ago. So Sylar being immortal is good for us Sylar fans because we won't lose him. Unless Heroes is cancelled.
It was nice to get back on track, Volume 5 has definitely lived up to its name of Redemption, well, so far. Who knows what's next?! But let's not look at it in that way.
It's all been good fun, and please please please, one last request! More shirtless Sylar!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

"This is just a saga now"

I was looking for just a straight forward clip of Chris Morris saying "Hello you" on The Day Today. Instead I found this funny piece of film, an overdubbed version of a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
"Open the pod door, Daaaaveeee"

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Finished film

Oh yeah.

Just adding some narration and clips of me humming the themes to The Great Escape and Mission Impossible. Fun times.

Never let me try and attempt to sing Land of Hope and Glory again.

Band practice coming soon, hopefully. Noel Theory is go.

Monday, 22 March 2010

RE-POST - So I've just completed my Element Series of Coasters on RCT3 and am coming up with 'themes' for them, these are what I have decided on so far...
FIRE - Give Me Fire (Mando Diao)
AIR - Air On The G-String
WATER - The Tide Is High (Blondie)
EARTH - The Earth Song (Michael Jackson)
If you come up with any better let me know, it could be a good idea to get as many tracks as possible and get like little playlist things done so FIRE could be like Give Me Fire, Meltdown (Ash) and Firestarter (Prodigy) etc etc...

More element songs:

I Started A Fire (Ash)
Feuer Frei (Rammstein)
Burn Baby Burn (Ash)
Disco Inferno
Hot Hot Hot

Love Is In The Air
I Believe I Can Fly
(R Kelly)
The Dam Busters
Ride Of The Valkyries
Air Hostess
Come Fly With Me (Frank Sinatra)
Walking In The Air (Aled Jones)

On A Wave (Ash)
The Riverboat Song (Ocean Colour Scene)
Under The Sea (Ariel & Sebastian)
Beyond The Sea (Frank Sinatra)
Float On (Modest Mouse)
Back To The Sea (Futureheads)

What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Suggestions are welcome, guys.


Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP Security Tool 2010 warning.
Keep safe, I don't know how many sites are infected with it. It's cleverly designed to look like normal Windows security software but instead keeps showing pop-ups that say the PC has been hi-jacked. It has also blocked off internet use. And to get rid of the virus you need to register. Don't, it won't work. Everyone knows it's just a money making scam.
How much of a shit would you have to be to spend your time making viruses? I hope they get some themselves and realise how annoying and pointless it is. Then fuck off and die.

Friday, 19 March 2010

New Specsavers Ad

Completely cracked me up.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nothing wrong with a bit of feminism

Basically got the sack on the uni radio, and we've not even put out a show yet! Apparently the demos, which feature myself, another presenter and the studio manager have been full of laddish banter which apparently doesn't really give me the chance to be involved, yet I thought it went great! How do they expect a female audience if it's 'laddish banter'? So I've been shunned from presenting to doing a news slot, which I'm refusing. The news just bores me. Also I'll not be allowed to join in with the banter. So, yes, it's just a load of sexism which I'm just not going to let push me down. I'll be back. It'll take more than a bit of sexism to make me back down.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Film and Sheepdog

Finished my edit of the group film, it looks crap but nevermind. Just joking, I'm quite pleased with it. I've also had my bass guitar out and have been learning to play Sheepdog by Mando Diao. All I can say is... I'm getting there. I just need a bit of practice and I'm away. It's nice to be back behind a real bass again after playing Rock Band for weeks on end, of which my current record is 5 song in one setlist, on medium mode, all 100%. What were they? Yes!
  • Eye Of The Tiger
  • Sex On Fire
  • Take Me Out
  • Call Me
  • Don't Look Back In Anger
I think we know who they are all by, thanks very much.
I will go out tonight, don't want to waste my time. I feel I'm bound to fly....

Monday, 15 March 2010

busy busy busy

Last night we watched Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, set during the Vietnam war. Despite the theme of death it was flipping hilarious and home to one of the most racist jokes I've ever heard, nearly. Don't think it's appropriate to stick up here so just watch the film.
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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Some people are either mad or stupid

I walked past Newcastle O2 Academy at 9 this morning to find a bunch of horrible little emo shits stood outside... with blankets. Turns out they were the start of the queue for tonight's You Me At 6 concert. Whatever is the point?! If they arrived at, like, 6 they would probably still be front of the queue anyway! I listened to a clip and they were god awful. Don't make me write about them again. Reminds me of the time I walked past a group of Elliott Minor fans who looked like they were shitting themselves for being out on their own at 4 in the afternoon waiting for that night's gig. I just laughed at them and walked past with my nose in the air.
Emo shits make a nice place look horrible with no effort.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mando Diao Newcastle Unit

Have become president of the Newcastle unit of the Mando Diao street team, of which I am very pleased about. So if I'm on about the Mando, then it'll be good to listen to me.
In the next few months I'll be bothering radio and TV stations with Mando related requests as well as putting the team together. So if you're interested in joining then please firstly join the citizenship at and then go to the Newcastle Unit profile page, if the link works then it's here. I imagine there are fans up here as when Give Me Fire came out there was 7 copies in HMV. Now there's 1. And I didn't buy them all. If it was you then feel free to let me know and hope to see you in the team. It'll be very exciting and will create real benefits to yourselves as fans. So have a look, let me know what you think and have a great time!
If you're not from the area, there are other units to join that will be closer so feel free to have a hunt down on the street team area of the site.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bring 'em In

Just listened to Mando Diao's Bring 'em In for what seems like the millionth time (it's a brilliant album!) and have only just heard (for the 1st time) some mumbling throughout Lauren's Cathedral, the album ender song.

This song is beautiful.
Does anyone know what the talking is? What they are saying?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Crystal... beautiful song

Fade away...
All that we have dreamed of
Bergman said it all,
the magic is in the fall, so true...

When you see him tell him all that you
don't know
all how much we've grown
so I cry but like always, I don't feel
that much in here
so I sit by your side just to be near you
oh lord please don't take him yet

Now you're gone, you're with angels
I will soon come visit you
and talk about, the time we had together
and our town is filled with tears

Don't feel bad while you're there
life was only sad sad while you were here
filled with rage and fear
and now I sit by your side
but you can't hear me
you can always count on me

don't feel sad, you're with angels
I will soon come visit you
and talk about, the time we had together
now our town is filled with tears

so I sit by your side
although you're not with me
when I comfort you, when I come to you

and like always, right here by your side

don't feel sad, you're with angels
I will soon come visit you
and talk about, the time we had together
and our town is filled with tears

Messing around with editing software

I've been messing around with an interview based film that we're making for a Media Practice unit and despite having not really done much, I've cobbled a fun couple of bits together played to the Super Mario theme (the interview is with a games design lecturer). The software we're using, Forscene, I've found to be no better than Windows Movie Maker which has given me so much.

Got a couple of stars yesterday for my work in other units, a radio bulletin and shorthand.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

In New Music We Trust - Live

Lady GaGa played at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena on Thursday night, apparently revealing her tiny wang to the audience. The show attracted a bunch of Carnival Kids in fancy dress, trying to outdo GaGa's own crazy dress sense.
In the Meantime, Radio 1's very own Zane Lowe had taken over the O2 Academy for a night of magic and mayhem, playing host to Plan B, The Courteeners and The Futureheads. The gig kicked off a weekend of live music in Newcastle as part of the In New Music We Trust campaign which is showcasing at venues all over the city centre.
Back at the Academy and it's packed out before any bands have even come on, which is a rarity for a lot of gigs up in Newcastle. But the rest of the gigs up here don't have Zane Lowe DJing.
Zane has been presenting on Radio 1 for a number of years now, alongside presenting MTV's Gonzo as well as also playing in his own band Breaks Co-op. He's one of those people who has achieved superstar status, attracting listeners from all over the globe.
7pm and we're live on Radio 1. And it's manic.
First up is Plan B, who's bigging up his new album, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, which looks into a different style to what we're used to Plan B sounding like. The 'former' rapper, has experimented with a more soul sound but couldn't quite put it across live. The backing band were spot on and would have been perfect if it hadn't been for him.
The Courteeners have been getting quite a bit of attention lately and their fanbase is big enough proof that songs like Not Nineteen Forever and You Overdid It Doll are certainly clicking with the nation. Hannah Blundell, who unfortunately couldn't make it to the gig explained why The Courteeners are so popular. "I love the lyrics because simply they're really nice and I like how catchy their songs are. I became a fan because I was in my friend's car and she had them on so I listened at home to the new album and just loved it."
The second album Falcon came out last month hitting a mighty number 6. And it seems most of the sales had come from almost every person in the room as it was hard to find someone who wasn't singing along to every word.
It was coming to the last hour of Zane's slot on Radio 1 and his highlights so far included breaking a disc with a copy of Blur's Song 2 on it ("That's what happens when you use your own scratched CDs") and a rousing rendition of Maxïmo Park's Apply Some Pressure from the crowd. Maxïmo Park are always a hit in Newcastle and are very much due a tour. Their last album Quicken The Heart was released last May and is their least anthemic album. The band played a free show in promotion as well as appearing at HMV for a signing session.
Back at the Academy and The Futureheads are preparing to rock the venue with their unique style of post-punk, drawing influence from Devo, XTC and Gang of Four. This is the first show the Sunderland lads have played in the Newcastle since 2008 when they played The Sage so how better than to perform a comeback give the crowd a well awarded preview of new album The Chaos. And it was a comeback well done. The setlist included new tracks such as The Chaos and The Heartbeat Song as well as slipping in crowd favourites The Beginning of The Twist and Carnival Kids. Halfway through the set the crowd were split in two after singer Barry Hyde asked "Who wants to sing on the radio?" before kicking into Kate Bush's Hounds of Love. The 'Heads revisited their first album a number of times even playing "One of our more stupid songs" First Day, which looks to once again become a permanent track within their setlist. Twisting and turning through crowd pleasers and new songs The Futureheads played a choice pick of songs and it was good to see the crowd enjoyed the newer songs as well as the old ones. The O2 Academy is a great venue for this band, having been the ones who played the night it was re-opened this was an excellent chance to preview their fourth album.

The Futureheads are back on tour in May following the release of The Heartbeat Song on 12th April and The Chaos on the 26th. They are back in Newcastle on May 30th for the Evolution Festival. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketweb, the Evolution website, O2 Academy Box Offices and HMV city centre stores. Also playing is Sunderland's other band Field Music alongside The Horrors and Dananananaykroyd.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Michael Giacchino

This composer is ace. He's written for Alias, Lost and Star Trek (all J.J.Abrams thingys)as well as Mission Impossible 3, The Incredibles and Cloverfield. Recommend the Star Trek soundtrack, just sat and listened to the whole thing and it is beautiful.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

In New Music We Trust

Zane Lowe and Radio 1 will hit Newcastle hard on Thursday night, setting off a showcase weekend of new (and old) talent. The gigs start at the O2 Academy, doors are early at 6.15 making sure the crowd are ready for a full weekend of music.
Opening up the shows is Plan B, The Courteeners and the ever brilliant Futureheads, whose new album The Chaos is released on April 26th of which is a point to look forward to. This is the second album they've released under their own imprint Nul Records.
Just in time for the show, their new video has been posted up on Youtube. The song, about a love song written by a boy and girl, aptly titled The Heartbeat Song, takes us back, yet again, to nu-classic 'Heads. For your enjoyment, it's up here.

Fairer marking: a way forward

Northumbria Students Union is undergoing a bid for fairer marking.

The anonymous marking campaign was introduced to allow students to submit work for marking without their name so the result received depends on how well done the work is. This is to prevent preconceived ideas about the ability of the student affecting the grades they receive. Instead of handing work in with a name, the student would give their student number, unknown to staff.

The pros are that it would remove any potential bias that lecturers may have or any feelings of bias that students have about lecturers.

The campaign was first introduced in March of last year, as an election bid for Adam White, now one of the Union’s vice presidents. Starting in July, it is already en route to success.

Five of the nine schools at Northumbria University have agreed to the scheme which was launched by the union in July of last year. Two schools, Law and Sports Psychology are already familiar with using anonymous marking, having used the system themselves for over ten years. The law school in particular is bound by legislation to use this system. Having been successful, it was decided to begin a campaign to introduce it to the other schools.

Schools like Arts and Social Sciences offer students workshop style seminars to discuss work produced and help point them in the right direction. Obviously work done this way may not be as affected by the move. White said of this barrier; “Initially [it] was looking to introduce for only written assessment ... in terms of workshops it isn’t possible to completely mark anonymously and that’s not what we’re asking for.”

The aim is to continue with workshops and have an external examiner mark the work.

The move follows several other universities who have already introduced the scheme to much success. Leeds University ran the same campaign in 2006 and found the grades of female students went up by 15%.

White added, “I think the campaign across the country has always been successful and I think it will be here at Northumbria as well.”

To find out more click onto the Northumbria Student's Union website or pick up a postcard from the union.

Monday, 1 March 2010 is a pile of crap

How the hell is it expected to deliver efficiency to me when I am job hunting if it won't actually let me look at any of the jobs? This is therefore ruining chances of getting a job through this system. Therefore I may actually consider not using it again, complain to Mr Brown and run away to North Sweden.
Also, whoever changed the website over from Job Centre Plus to in the first place needs sacking. The first time this happened (after a few weeks of being able to choose whether or not I wanted to use the original search) I was appalled at how hard it was to use. I much prefered the ticky boxes and the nice map. Now, after the 'upgrade' (and this applies to Hotmail as well), the loading time has just got slower and slower. So the couple of seconds I gave per day to have a quick search through all there was to offer has now been extended extenuously. And it's annoying. Sometimes things should never be changed. Here's a list of some other things which should have stayed the way they were.

  • The Hives forum. The forum went through a stage of upgrading to try and modernise the layout and the reply system, which showed shiny buttons for HTML editing. It didn't work. The forum has now been replaced entirely.

  • Student Loans Company. The loans are now processed by Student Finance England. Students applying can no longer go to their Local Authority and pick up a form. It's either apply online or pay a fortune requesting a form over the phone. Also, some requested forms aren't getting sent out and the loans are taking forever to come through.

  • The Automatic. Sometimes it can't be helped when the heart and soul of the band decides to quit but with the case of The Automatic they just didn't work without him. Alex Pennie left the band back in 2007, leaving the other three to continue without him, with replacement Paul Mullen (yourcodenameis:milo). It just wasn't to be, however their 3rd album Tear The Signs Down is out next week.

  • Freevolution. A few years ago, this music fest on the banks of the Tyne was free before introducing a new £3 fee for entry. Now it's over two days with more music, which I'm not complaining about! It's just pricey and costs a lot more. What's wrong with free stuff anyway?

  • Windows. Vista was great. XP was good. Windows 7 is just crap. It looks too Mac-like and most peopel who know me know how much I hate Macs. Yuck. The display is just horribly obscene and tacky. Basically it's just wrong. I am now relying on my laptop to not break just to escape it.

Anything I've not mentioned that should be there, leave me a comment and we'll do a little vote about the most annoying change.

Adeiu amigos... I'll be off and figure out this IMAIL thingy...