Monday, 29 March 2010

Last Night's Heroes

Holy smokess! Sylar's back! And this time he's back for good!
In a fun filled episode in which Claire Bennett and Peter Petrelli were dealing with the death of Nathan, Sylar still managed to find time to slip in some smooth shirtless action whilst trying to get back onto his killing spree. After many twists and turns to get back at Samuel he's now set on the path back to Claire, following their encounter in season 3 when she had her head sliced open thus making Sylar inevitably immortal. This completely screwed up the whole Save The Cheerleader, Save The World thing that Hiro Nakamura warned Peter against all those seasons ago. So Sylar being immortal is good for us Sylar fans because we won't lose him. Unless Heroes is cancelled.
It was nice to get back on track, Volume 5 has definitely lived up to its name of Redemption, well, so far. Who knows what's next?! But let's not look at it in that way.
It's all been good fun, and please please please, one last request! More shirtless Sylar!

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