Monday, 1 March 2010 is a pile of crap

How the hell is it expected to deliver efficiency to me when I am job hunting if it won't actually let me look at any of the jobs? This is therefore ruining chances of getting a job through this system. Therefore I may actually consider not using it again, complain to Mr Brown and run away to North Sweden.
Also, whoever changed the website over from Job Centre Plus to in the first place needs sacking. The first time this happened (after a few weeks of being able to choose whether or not I wanted to use the original search) I was appalled at how hard it was to use. I much prefered the ticky boxes and the nice map. Now, after the 'upgrade' (and this applies to Hotmail as well), the loading time has just got slower and slower. So the couple of seconds I gave per day to have a quick search through all there was to offer has now been extended extenuously. And it's annoying. Sometimes things should never be changed. Here's a list of some other things which should have stayed the way they were.

  • The Hives forum. The forum went through a stage of upgrading to try and modernise the layout and the reply system, which showed shiny buttons for HTML editing. It didn't work. The forum has now been replaced entirely.

  • Student Loans Company. The loans are now processed by Student Finance England. Students applying can no longer go to their Local Authority and pick up a form. It's either apply online or pay a fortune requesting a form over the phone. Also, some requested forms aren't getting sent out and the loans are taking forever to come through.

  • The Automatic. Sometimes it can't be helped when the heart and soul of the band decides to quit but with the case of The Automatic they just didn't work without him. Alex Pennie left the band back in 2007, leaving the other three to continue without him, with replacement Paul Mullen (yourcodenameis:milo). It just wasn't to be, however their 3rd album Tear The Signs Down is out next week.

  • Freevolution. A few years ago, this music fest on the banks of the Tyne was free before introducing a new £3 fee for entry. Now it's over two days with more music, which I'm not complaining about! It's just pricey and costs a lot more. What's wrong with free stuff anyway?

  • Windows. Vista was great. XP was good. Windows 7 is just crap. It looks too Mac-like and most peopel who know me know how much I hate Macs. Yuck. The display is just horribly obscene and tacky. Basically it's just wrong. I am now relying on my laptop to not break just to escape it.

Anything I've not mentioned that should be there, leave me a comment and we'll do a little vote about the most annoying change.

Adeiu amigos... I'll be off and figure out this IMAIL thingy...

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