Friday, 24 April 2009

My NVQ Work

I think the guy is finally happy with what I've done! However there is a few glitches I have to sort out such as the display of my website. When I did it on Microsoft Word it created sub folders for each page, which it shouldn't have done, so when I've zipped up the folder and sent it across images aren't shown and text is displaying weirdly. So I have to go into the centre to sort out the weirdness next month then hopefully that's the last time the phrase 'National Vocational Qualification' is heard by me. Well, at least for this 'course'. This web design issue, when clarified, will hoefully sign off another two units. I'm excited! I spent the full morning refreshing my Learning Assistant, waiting for the units to turn green (this just means they've been accepted and marked as complete). I was on the edge! But then I got a call through about it and I'm slightly more at ease now, well, for the time being! Anyway, I shall be off.

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