Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Computers aren't that bad really

So I was playing on RCT3, as you do, and I quit the game, as you do, when my laptop decided to crash. However when I switched it off and then back on the screen wouldn't load. So we phoned up the computer people and it turns out the battery had been building up static. So with a removal and clicking on F8 during start up, my laptop was back to normal again, minus the noise and with a 'fat' screen, which I fixed no bother.
Most viruses can be removed by pressing F11 during startup. Make sure you have backed up your data first as the PC will be restored to factory setting. Jeez, I learn a lot from problems...
Once again I am looking forward to starting uni in September, I'll probably learn how to write these things better!
Love to you all x

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