Wednesday, 15 April 2009

It's been bloody mental...

I never want to work in a bank again. We've had tons of people in the last couple of weeks transferring ISAs just because it's the start of the new tax year. Why they all have to wait until now I've no idea. Anyway, today in particular has been horrendous. I didn't get a moments rest at any point, except when I managed to escape out for lunch. Never again...
I though my day had been bad enough until I came home and found my computer resolution settings had managed to change themselves so I spent half an hour trying to sort them out, switching the computer off thinking this would help. It didn't but I managed to find a solution.
I received some good news today though. I've been told of a course which will enhance my previous radio work, and it will look brilliant on my CV when I'm working towards a top radio job. So thanks to Adam for letting me know about that.
Anyway, I better be off. It's been one year since I went to see The Hives so I'll be enjoying a night of their music. Just like old days. Head over to The Hives website and read my story about the day I met The Hives.

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