Friday, 8 January 2010

Heroes tomorrow

So, the wait is over as Heroes season four (volume 5: Redemption) hits our screens tomorrow night, starting with a double episode at 10:10pm over on BBC 2. I have no idea what is to happen in this series yet. I've been avoiding spoilers (America are a full half season ahead of us), I haven't been downloading the eps and I haven't even watched the season 4 preview trailer on the BBC Heroes page. All I've seen is the little intro clip thing at the end of series 3 and it's doesn't really tell you much about the new eps. Which is good in a sense as knowing too much would spoil it, as everyone knows. So that's tomorrow night. I don't think there's enough time there to catch up on all the previous seasons as my timer ticks to 33 and a half hours.
Expect me back soon...

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