Tuesday, 8 March 2011

30 Day Music Challenge

Came across this, good way of getting across useless info no one cares about.

Day 1 - Favourite song.

I picked Dance With Somebody by Mando Diao because it always gets me in a good mood, it's fantastic when it comes on anywhere. And I think that's a good enough excuse! Despite doing a journalism degree I'm crap at doing little reviews.

It was hard to pick a favourite song as I have so many from different bands that I adore. But at the minute this just tops the lot. Fans love it or hate it, as it showed a new side of Mando Diao that people were a bit insecure about. Then there's our group who love them for everything they have done.

So to stop me from blabbing on, here's the video. Courtesy of Mando Diao VEVO.

Would love to see something along the lines of 'I'm falling in love with your favourite song'

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