Friday, 15 April 2011

Peter and Carlos

Been listening to Pete and Carl all day so what better than to post up a fancy schmancy new poll about what Pete and Carl era/solo/new band project thingys you prefer and it's just there ---------------->
Just interested. FYI, I'm quite impressed by Peter's solo album, Grace/Wastelands, I was loving it before I'd got through the first 20 seconds! He's been getting a lot of shit in recent years and people have refused him musically because of it. I haven't. I wouldn't really say he was a legend (even though he is) and a genius (he is really this too) but he's a bloody good songwriter despite everything. Seeing him live in a few weeks, celebratory end of exams ever gig. I'll be in my Carlos shirt, yah.
Now, who wants The Libertines on tour?

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