Thursday, 26 May 2011

What a nugget

So it seems I saw dear Peter at exactly the right time, any later and I'd be screwed.
He's been jailed for six months because he's been a bit of a tit.
That would explain why people were chucking bras at him at the gig last week.

When I entered the Academy there was a fat Glaswegian fuck doing 'stand-up'. I thought I was at the wrong show at first but then he started talking about Peter before insulting half the north east and proceeding to undo his shirt. Lucky for my eyes he had a vest on underneath.

First support proper was just a Doherty cover man with same voice and guitar. But his own songs. He came on around half 8 and was on stage for almost an hour. And then there was a long wait. I asked some girls I was stood near if Peter was always this late coming on stage, we'd been expecting him for half an hour. Apparently not, he was on time last time he visited the city. He finally shows up about 10ish, smoking fag after fag (which I thought had been outlawed or something). So it turns out it's solely Peter on stage with an acoustic guitar accompanied by backing DANCERS for the occasional song. The whole affair was so much different to the show put on by other ex-Libertine Carl Barat who had a full band going in a tiny venue (very sweaty). I imagined Peter would had suited something smaller as well, the Academy is a little pretentious, I don't care how popular someone is but they do need to suit the stage.

Most of the crowd were twats, ripping their shirts off and swinging them around viciously. What were they trying to prove? I positioned myself by the fire exit in case of a problem and ended up with a load of those drunk twats asking me if the toilet was in the corridor beyond. No, follow the signs.

Musically, Peter was great. He knows have to write, we can give him that, and that's something I respect about him. It's just a shame he's had to let himself down.

What more can I say?

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