Sunday, 28 August 2011

Quiet days

So we've had rioter's making the whole of Britain look like a bunch of cocks and before that a killing spree in Norway as well as a polar bear attack in Svalbard. Which has made the last couple of months a pile of shit. So I've been avoiding just about everything for a few weeks. But I laughed at the picture of the guy who got the wrong impression when they said they were looting Curry's.

In the time I've been away I've visited Stockholm, which is by far the best place I ever saw. It's beautiful and amazing and definitely worth a visit. It's on my list for a second visit, which will hopefully be soon, what with the riots and stuff it'll be good to get out of the UK again.

So what else has happened? Björn Dixgård cut his hair. At first it was strange, because I am used to his floppy fringe and how he waved it around. Here is a picture.
The change sprouted a massive discussion up at Now I've posted this picture I can't stop looking! Will be off, for a general stare.

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