Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My movie month - Day 1

I was asked a couple of months ago if I wanted to take part in a challenge. A challenge? I asked. Yes, you pick a different film each day of a given month on order of favouritism. Now, it was a bit harder for me to order my favourite films so they are a bit more general but the top ten at least are all my very favourites. Now, time to reveal the film for day one!!

The Pianist (2002)

I LOVE Holocaust and War films. I don't know what it is that attracts me to them but I am OBSSESSED. SUCH A FREAK! But anyway, there are few films that either make me cry or make me feel close to crying and this is one of them. But that is NOT what made me choose it! The screenplay is really well written and the direction is brilliant, well done Roman Polanski.

Here is the trailer for you to watch if you like, it's a beautiful little film and one well worth watching. (Just for copyright purposes, and it will obviously be the same with them all: I don't not own the pictures and sound, the credit goes out to the lovely people that made it. Thank you.) Enjoy.

The list so far:
31) The Pianist(2002)

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