Saturday, 13 December 2008

In desperate times...

It has come to my belief that the X Factor is over. This of which I am pleased. I am sick of logging onto my email and seeing reports every week as to who has been voted out and that the judges have been fighting over song. Who really cares? The entire show is a load of over rated bollocks used for the record label to get more money. The 'winner' lasts approximately six months before disappearing and being found months later working behind the till in Aldi.
The X Factor is used to put yet another shit piece of 'talent' onto the music scene. The rules have been made to stop people coming onto the show and actually PLAYING REAL MUSIC!!! But still, year after year, we are shat on with some diva or pub singer.
I have been unfortunate enough to have heard this year's winner singing the X Factor single. It was a cover of 'Hallelujah'. I was disappointed to find on YouTube that the comments on the Jeff Buckley version of the song had been spammed with people fucking on about the fucking X Factor. This is very inconsiderate to the memory of Buckley, who completely nailed the song. The man is a legend and the X Factor have just gone and done exactly what shouldn't have been done.
Obviously, the X Factor are going to get the Christmas number one, that's just the way it works. Then, an idea was formed... reading the comments on YouTube detailed that there was a petition made to get none other than Rick Astley to the number one spot.
You've been Rickrolled... I've been writing blogs.

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