Sunday, 21 December 2008

What a surprise...

... The X Factor have got the Christmas number 1 spot AGAIN!! Year after year, we are crapped on with another SHIT COVER VERSION OF A SONG THAT WAS GOOD ENOUGH IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE! As soon as it's announced next year they might as well do the Christmas chart then seeing as it's becoming more and more predictable. And what annoys me the most is that fact that none of these chart toppers are CHRISTMAS SONGS!! Was that not the point of the CHRISTMAS number 1?!
After the X Factor was going into the finals, it was decided to just go 'Ah, fuck it, let's Rick Roll Christmas 2008.' Unfortunately it DIDN'T WORK! Simon Cowell will have bought as many copies as it needed to get that piece of crap to the number 1 spot.
The other campaign was for people to buy the Jeff Buckley version, that one seemed to work as it ended up at number 2, but Simon will have pipped it to the post with one more copy.
I noticed the new version, and it really annoyed me how she paused after EVERY. FUCKING. WORD. It's supposed to just run on, it does if it's sang properly anyway. Unfortunately people like it though.
Yes, Barry Hyde, you are the other Futuremen are BETTER than The X Factor.
"You won't be hearing Hallelujah tonight!! Hallelujahhhh....."
See, The Futureheads are just one of those bands who CAN pull off a cover. They did a fantastic job on Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love and on Friday nights show at The Sage in Gateshead, they surprised us all with a cover of Wonderful Christmas Time and it was brilliant. Look at a band like these who have to work hard for fame, it comes overnight to those such as whoever goes on The X Factor. And fucking Duffy, like what the fuck? Where the fuck did she come from? And all of a sudden she's at the top of the charts. And she's not that good either. See, it's the good ones that have got to work the hardest. And IT'S NOT FAIR!!
Anyway, I touched upon last Friday (19th December). Out of the four supports, Viva City topped them all. The singer was a cross between Brandon Flowers and Brian Molko, Noel Fielding was on synth and guitar, some guy was banging on the drums and another guy was bouncing around the stage too. Best song I think was Hot Wax. Check them out.
The Futureheads ahhhh. Yes, I did meet them. Jaff, Barry and Dave turned up as we were waiting in the afternoon and I talked to Barry and Dave before they went in, Jaff had already gone but came out again in a few minutes (he's really tall!!!) and not long after Rossi came!! He also walked past later on when I was on the phone to my mum. Where we were stood on the balcony, we could see them eating there pre show dinners. Got into the hall itself for the show and the stage was bigger than me!! But I managed to watch The 'Heads and there were mint. And I got dear Rossi's setlist at the end.
One final thing brought to my attention by a certain Harry Hill, I'll leave you with it.

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