Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I've been neglecting this thing!

Hello again.
Today I got my hair cut again and had an ice cream related incident. Not good. Luckily it was warm so I didn't need to wear my jacket afterwards.
I've been watching series 4 of LOST again. Much fun. I've just watched the one where Sun has her baby.
I really should be playing bass, maybe I can tomorrow. I haven't learnt many new songs lately but I am getting better at The Lovecats by The Cure. (yay!)
I tried to get a mega sexy canvas of my boyfriend made on Monday but the woman at the shop said it would lose a lot of detail because of the quality of the photo, which is a really good photo.
I haven't done much photography lately.
I start uni next month and it's going to be mint. Keep watching my countdown!!!
Ooooo my poll has finished. 1 vote has decided on Tyrannosaurus Hives. Next poll coming when I can be arsed thinking of a question.
Tatty bye folks.

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