Sunday, 8 November 2009

Back to work Sundays

Yesterday I was all over busy with work for uni so today I decided to pop out of the house for a walk. It wasn't until I got into town and saw all the army people that I remembered it was Remembrance Sunday and all I wanted to do was go to HMV!
Afterwards I bought a load of fruit for £3 and it was a bargain! If I'm honest I didn't think the stuff would taste that great but it's lovely. I got a lot of Braeburn apples, some satsumas, a massive box of grapes (purple ones), some bananas (which are massive), some pears and some plums. So I've got a healthy week this week. How many grapes count towards your 5-a-day? I've had 2.
I got back home not long ago and started back on my work. Which isn't going to last long because I'm stuck on my essay. Never mind.

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