Monday, 9 November 2009

Not much been going on

Went to uni today, was out within half an hour. Waste of time.
Got home and had some fun though, I was rolling around laughing. Now I'm chilling to Radiohead, R.E.M... and surprisingly Starlight by Muse who I don't really like that much anyway. My pen drive is making a pretty light show, wonder what happens when the light decides to blow out... I've just seen today's HMV homepage...
He's getting a good storyline in Heroes, I'm still at Series 3 though! Grrr.
Oh, and keep the votes coming!
And how does the fastest character in Heroes have cerebral palsy? It's just a weird mix, tis all.
Right, I'll be off. Expect me back tomorrow!
PS I've just found a signed Franz Ferdinand guitar on PureHMV. It's only a bit too much like (425000 points!! Eeeek!!!)

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