Saturday, 9 October 2010

Swedish lessons

I've been really busy lately. I'm back at uni for the second year of my degree as well as working on two jobs and street teaming for the boys in the band, Mando Diao. So it's all good. On top of all of this, I have taken time out to take Swedish lessons which have been going quite well. I've been doing a teach yourself method, using a website that a sweet-ass Swedish dude put together to help people learn the language. That site can be found here. It's basic Swedish but it's been a great help. As has my Swedish dictionary I found in Waterstone's. I even managed to have it for a full day without having looked up the swearwords (knull, skit and everyone's favourite fitta). So yeah, that's been fun. In seriousness, I've been knee deep in verbs, numbers and nouns (noll, ett, två, tre, fyra) whilst making a grasp at a beautiful language. In all due course, I will be a Swedish speaking 'scholar' of sorts (if it all works out right). I've worked through two lessons on that site now. Most of it is remembering words, which you'd expect. "Hon studerar Svenska." Ja, det gör jag. Det är kul. And back to English. So I'll be off, hej då.

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