Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Give Me Fire vinyl

I collected my Mando Diao vinyl today and was surprised by the addition of two extra tracks on side 2B, these being the amazing double-track Alone With Molly and In The Valley. These two songs make for great listening beginning with a slightly ABBA-esque piano intro (think Money Money Money slowed right down). As Alone With Molly blends into In The Valley the music starts to get darker as Gustaf Norén gives way to Björn Dixgård's vocal chords.
The new additions sit inbetween Go Out Tonight and You Got Nothing On Me.

Ray Davies, who Mando Diao have named as a 'mate', is bringing out a collaboration album featuring the likes of Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) and Bruce Springsteen. Bringing back a piece of MTV Unplugged in Berlin (during which Mandos invited up Davies to perform Victoria) the album will feature a studio collaboration between the two. Looking forward to that!

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