Saturday, 21 April 2012

Today's song

Today I had to choose Lies by McFly. I can't believe a full week has gone since my last McFly gig and already I am looking forward to the next one, as well as a possible fan club membership so I can meet them hehe. I deserve it, I've been a McFly fan for almost an entire decade and if that's not dedication then I don't know what is! I even got a certificate at school once saying "Most dedicated McFly fan!" and I was on the street team where they would mail out leaflets for me to give out (and decorate my school books with!). I still have them in my loft, alongside a pile of posters tied with a ribbon. I must retrieve it all. I had a load of stickers as well. 

Anyway, back to the song!! They played this last week, which was fantastic as I love it. Lies by McFly. Happy times. Enjoy!!

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