Monday, 15 July 2013

Promises, Promises

So each time I come on this thing I keep coming up with and talking about all these crazy things I'm going to write about that never come to fruition. Things keep getting in the way. And I don't come on here much anymore anyway. So hello again, nobody is reading this so I don't suppose it really matters anyway. 

I've been collecting Agatha Christie novels over the last year and have quite a pile of them hanging around my flat. She's really great and I find it hard to pick up anything else to read. When I've had to, I've actually found myself reading textbooks that I got to help with my dissertation. Interesting stuff!

In other news, I'm still without Swedish lessons, still self-taught and crap! Hoorah! I'm up to unit 5 or something in the textbook I'm using. I'm picking it up but only weeks down the line when I'm trying to study for other units and exercises. HA! Really, I want to be bilingual. And then multilingual! (I have a Japanese textbook to go through next!) I remember my trip to Stockholm and the tourguides there had these badges on that showed the languages that they spoke and conducted tours in. Our guide had loads! Swedish, English, German, Portuguese Spanish . . . You get the idea. It makes me feel almost inadequate. I actually studied Spanish at school and I learnt nothing at all from it. I remember the basics (Si senor, Hola, como te anos) but not much else. This, I feel, is a waste of my education. On my own, on and off for the past couple of years I have been learning Swedish and I'm not doing particularly badly. Still can't formulate anything other than basic and intermediate sentences in Swedish but my reading and understanding isn't too shabby. Basically I'm just gone and showed myself up by travelling to Sweden, heh. Maybe I would have suited a stint in the Swedish education system. I may have actually learnt something. Still, I'm impressed with what I've done on my own.

Anyway, babbling over. Wondering if a certain high-priced language software to worth purchasing?! Need to find that demo disc!

Righto then, I've written quite a bit for myself to read back in a few years and think, "What was I like? What a load of rubbish!" But there you go. I'm off, I may be back with better content, I may not. But until next time I'm out.

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