Saturday, 6 April 2013

Flashback Blogpost of the Week and Something REALLY COOL!

I got my blog webaddress wrong and ended up in some search engine for the correct one and the top link was to a post I made in 2009 when I watched LOST and decided to review it. I'm amazed at the depth I wrote about ONE episode! It's so cool! I thought I would provide a link to it, I think it's an episode from season five so don't look if you haven't got that far or whatever. Click HERE for the post!

Now for the something really cool. I was bopping along this afternoon to a mod tune called Poison Ivy which is by a band called The Lambrettas. From that I bopped along to a tune in the related videos bit of YouTube called Green Onions by Booker T and The MGs. From there I found in the related videos this piece of MAGIC! I am sooooo excited to be posting it up here and I thought it was amazing!

Please do watch it. On full screen.
I am such a HUGE fan of the show, which for those of you not in the know it's called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and I suggest you go and watch it. This clip is based on the dance at the end credits and credit goes to the genius who came up with this video. I am in debt to you, this is absolutely amazing. I know it's an old video but I am so glad I came across it. And in such a strange way!! Anyway, I think I've said everything. I'll now lie and say expect more posts soon but that happened two months ago and this is my first post since. Soooo, bye for now!

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