Friday, 21 November 2008

I am a robot!!

In the not too distant future, I'm thinking 2009, it will become compulsory for all school children to learn the guitar, bass guitar or drums in order to restore world order and destroy the Chav culture which has given Great Britain an image of all the population being tracksuit wearing, chain smoking arseholes. And I don't want to be dragged under by this rave-listening, junkie culture. Children as young as 12 are becoming mothers, thus ruining their own growing up. I believe these are the people that complain about being poor and in debt. I myself am not surprised, look at what they've chosen to do with their lives, NOTHING! Well, besides having had 23 kids of their own by the time they are 18...

Another point I'd like to raise is that of individualism. Anyone who is not a Chav is singled out for being different and targeted for all forms of abuse be it verbal or physical. This must end. It's going beyond mentally scarring a person to permanently hurting friends and loved ones through cause of death: either by suicide or murder. The current knife culture promotes violence to the extent in which people are being killed to save others which is valiant although causing pain to others. And do these teen killers feel affected by the murder? Do they full burdened or haunted by their actions? Do other would-be killers know what harm they could cause in their own mentality? If not then they really need some form of help but I suppose it's just got to the point where that doesn't seem to work because it would make them feel like the people who they consider as 'unpopular' and label as 'freaks'.

So, now to the point where children learning to play guitar, bass and drums comes in. There is a clear connection between being a Chav and listening to the nonsense that has been given the name of 'Rave' as well as Hip-hop and Rap which promote violence through the use of the lyrics. Those that listen to rock, metal, punk, nu-wave etc are the ones generally targeted. The music and lyrics here deal not with violence but with love, loss and normal everyday things such as going to work. Some artists in this genre have based some of their work on books, Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush being a good example of this. This music promotes not violence but the things people enjoy in life which is why guitars should be used to destroy the Chav culture that I find is demoralising and unhinging many individuals. I propose to have the Chav culture destroyed and start by proposing the banning of Hip-hop and Rave. I have not chosen that because I hate the music but because of the connection between this genre and being a Chav.

Children will be taught at a young age of this hateful group of people as young children tend to believe everything they are told. An example appears in the book 1984. It will be compulsory for all classrooms to display posters of The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols as well as having to hand a copy of A History Of Rock for reference. Every school will be to hold an annual Battle Of The Bands competition which will lead to a National competition.

It will become illegal for ANYONE to leave the house with a knife, there will be many ways of checking.
Drivers will be sentanced for even daring to playing Hip-hop on the motorways and all roads - Hip-hop and rave is all usually from download sources so will be blocked from download, all illegal download sites and programs will also be blocked and shops will no longer stock Clubland, any copies already bought will be re-possessed under new laws.
Ibiza Rocks (Rock bands playing at Ibiza) will be strongly promoted as being the real reason people go there.

Also, some other little things I'd like to change;
Corporal Punishment is to be used for shop lifters and the crime of being a Chav.
Capital Punishment is to be used for murder, rape and treason.
Kate Bush should win that big award they give out at the end of the BRITs.
Kate Bush should be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
Christmas lights shall not be switched on until the month of December and Christmas parties etc shouldn't be advertised until December. It annoys me when I hear a 'Book your Christmas party now!' advert mid-July.

And, I think that's it for now.

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