Monday, 17 November 2008

Wow, that must have taken what, two hours?

Today is the 17th day of November 2008. Last Friday was the 14th day of the month. There are 38 days to go until Christmas, however, I can just spend those 38 days relaxing, with the peace of mind that I have completed my Christmas shopping. This is my most expensive Christmas yet, in accordance with the large pile of receipts I have. (Well, it is Christmas after all!) I might go pick up some little extras on top of this.

So, how did I manage it? I spent only two hours in the Metro Centre, managing to buy myself some things too.

Anyways, enough of the "I've finished and you haven't started"... my Christmas drinks have been ordered but I don't want a Christmas Day hangover like last year, caused by what must have been an entire bottle of whiskey.

Wait until my Christmas 'Speech', I have a lot to say, looking back at the year. But it could end up as a YouTube video, such as that by We Are Scientists. It may not be as funny, unless I do it in the style of Jeremy Clarkson and pause, in the middle, of my sentences.

Anywhooo, I might post more later, but for now, I shall leave you with this...

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