Friday, 12 February 2010

Hello? Stupid people?

Builders at 8 in the morning, film crew just not that bothered, no one will fix the boiler...
People make me want to scream. I got up this morning, at 8, to find next doors had their radio on (loudly I might add) over the noise and the decorating. On top of this, it's also been really cold here for the past week, not outside, weather's been a beauty, but since we've have the boiler 'serviced' it's just never been the same and the guy that keeps getting sent out just isn't doing anything about it. Some people just want money for nothing and it's not fair on those of us who are having to volunteer for the sake of experience. On top of this, I am in the process of making a film, or at least trying to, due to the fact none of my film crew are communicating with me. Since when has the question 'When are you free to work?' been that hard to answer. Look's like that's something else I'll just end up doing myself.
Aside from this, I had a lovely present in the post yesterday. My tickets for The Futureheads Radio 1 show have arrived. For those who don't know, the show in question (featuring The Courteeners and Plan B) will be happening on March 4th at the O2 Academy in Newcastle as part of Radio 1's In New Music We Trust shindig, hitting the Toon March 4th-6th. Tickets are on sale now at most known outlets.

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