Monday, 22 February 2010

What? I've been working?

So I've made a start on all but one of my assignments (which will be shaping out to be a feature, hopefully on Viva City and SXSW). My essay, about the differences between print and broadcast media in the UK in terms of their roles during an election period is currently 28 words long and I am proud of it. That'll do. My news report is awaiting quotes, I'll post up when done and I'm recording an interview in a little while about the SU getting facelifted so that should be good. I've got two exams coming up in shorthand and media studies and am working on TWO film projects! Much fun.

Enjoyed Heroes last night, Matt and Sylar storyline is getting better and Matt is proving himself as being a decent character. He should have a face-off with Sylar when he gets his body back. Noah Bennet can referee. Now that'll be something worth watching, it would be brilliant!

Aside from that, Viva City are at The Cluny on Thursday before they disappear to America for SXSW, I'm trying to get an interview set up with them, that'll get posted. Next Thursday it's Radio 1's In New Music We Trust with Zane Lowe and The Futureheads. This will be live on Radio 1 so listen out for me! After that, The 'Heads hit the road to promote new album The Chaos out on NUL Records on April 26th. Then they are back in Newcastle on May 30th fo Evolution Festival alongside The Horrors, Calvin Harris and Paolo Nutini. Tickets are available now and are £17.50 for a day pass or £25 for a weekend pass.

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