Sunday, 14 February 2010

Once upon a time in Texas... [Spoiler Alert]

Tabula Rasa, the fifth episode of Season 4 Heroes, left us with Hiro travelling back to the Burnt Toast Diner of 3 years before. Tonight's episode, Once Upon A Time In Texas, picked back up on that story, giving us the chance to find out if Hiro is this time successful in saving Charlie, a waitress who died at the hands of the 'Brain Man', Sylar. But does he succeed?
Hiro has the ability to control space and time and uses this to his advantage to clear Sylar from the scene, therefore freeing Charlie from her untimely death but it's not until afterwards that he realises he has messed up the past timeline... Charlie isn't killed therefore Hiro doesn't go back in time to try and save her, meaning no love for Hiro... The solution, endanger your existance by 'meeting' your past self and sending them onto the path of destiny. All is fine. Or so it seems... an unlikely visit from Sylar posing as a 'doctor' to cure Charlie's brain tumour, changing her judgement about her being supposed to die, ends in a visit from Samuel who requires Hiro's assistance, but to get to him? Charlie.

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