Wednesday, 23 September 2009

And I thought £20 was a lot of money...

I've just been looking on eBay for 2 Mando albums I haven't yet managed to procure when a came across this little gem. It appears as being a very rare homemade Demo album of ten songs, made by the band themselves. It is priced at £499.99 but is open to higher bids.
I remember why The Hives demo tape was up for sale. It cost about £20. And that was even rarer than the Mando one, which was given out at early shows, before they were signed to a label. So where does the high price come from?
That's a question that I myself am unable to answer, and I have no idea. I spent about half an hour working on a answer to find it was probably just a decision made by the seller, which it probably was. I can't see it having cost £499.99 which he first got the demo which means he is looking for a great profit. Back in 2000/2001 (the origination of the demo), the average CD cost approximately £10, which is about the same as nowadays. The dealer is making it seem rarer than it is by giving it a VERY high price and if it ever gets sold at that price, which I'm sure it probably will as some person will be crazy enough to buy it for that, or more, then this guy will be rich and the other person will be happy with a rare Mando Diao CD which they could have got for a tenner in the first place. I wouldn't really call it a waste, maybe they were too young to experience Mando Diao live the first (or so) time around. This type of memorabilia is different to the demo tape put off by The Hives, as the latter wasn't really released. It was just an imprint that they made music back then, in 1994. They never really wanted it out there which made it even more special to those people who did manage to get a copy. Over the years there has been fan requests to give the demo a full release but to no avail.
So, head off to eBay, look at the lovely Mando demo and go buy debut album Bring 'Em In.

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