Saturday, 19 September 2009


Hello kiddies. I'm back online as I now have internetz sooooo expect to hear more from my (sad) life haha. It's not that bad really.
I start uni on Monday which should be fun, my class seem nice and I've made some nice friends already which is good.
Today I met the Ant and the Dec at a book signing at Waterstones which was fun, I have photos on my camera taken by the lovely Waterstones staffage.
After the signing I was knackered from all the waiting I had done and even Red Bull didn't seem to have any effect on me which is strange. Although after a while I was starting to feel pretty hyperz.
I went to Primark for new jeans and came out of the changing rooms with a red face because it was so warm. I then fell over whilst picking up my phone which I had dropped on the way out of the shop. It really was funny.
Then I had the best hot chocolate in a long while. Then I went home and sorted my internetz out, after I made a tea of sausage pasta thing which was nice. And now you are putting up with this which might be nice for you, I don't know. Anyway, I'll be off now. Laterz...

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