Friday, 25 September 2009

Final plug for gigs next week

Okiesss... so my gig going is starting up again on Monday with Viva City as part of the Academy Live tour at O2 Academy 2. That's Monday night at 7pm. Viva City are due on stage at about 10pm. Should be good. This'll be time number 4 for me and they are not to be missed.
Wednesday night... The Cribs (with Johnny Marr) at Newcastle uni Students Union. That starts at 7pm also. Again, be there, they are a good live act.
Also, little ska kids, Underground Heroes are playing The End bar on 22nd October. I don't know whether it's pay on the door as I can't find a ticket seller for it. I haven't seen these guys yet but their songs really are vary catchy. Expect them to get big. (I said that last year and they still are very well known).
As I'm going back home for the weekend I probably won't be promoting the first two shows again before they happen so be there.

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