Saturday, 17 October 2009

Lazy weekend indeed!

Was at Franz Ferdinand on Thursday night which was much fun (I need to update my Seen Bands list! (LOL I've seen 69 bands)). The support Music Go Music picked up where Blondie left off but weren't really a hit with the crowd which was a shame because they were actually quite good. That followed on from a job interview for BHS (which I haven't heard back from yet :( but they told me this weekend... watch this space). Then after that I queued up for the gig and Franz were amazing. They surprisingly played quite a bit of their first album as well as B-Side Van Tango which they have played for years now.
Now I'm home for the weekend which is nice. I've just finished my sister's birthday present which I hope she likes!
I've been tweaking my review for uni (The Cribs review yes) after getting my original one completely torn apart which was lovely.
Anyway, not doing much, I'll be off. Bye-de-byes.

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