Tuesday, 27 October 2009

This can't be good...

I think it's probably safe to say I am not going to 'get' shorthand. It's not that I'm not bothered about it and don't think I'll need it, which I'll explain in a bit, but the point is it just looks ridiculous in my notepad and I don't understand a 'word' of it! Today we had a quickfire test and this is what my piece of paper looks like:
1._____ 11._____
2._____ 12._____
3._____ 13._____
4._____ 14._____
5._____ 15._____
6._____ 16._____
7._____ 17._____
8._____ 18._____
9._____ 19._____
10.____ 20._____

Why bother 'writing' during an interview anyway when you can always use a Dictaphone!? Have they died all of a sudden!? And professional interviewers aren't going to be very good if they are concentrating with there shorthand because a lot of interviews aren't just 'question', 'answer', gap to finish off, etc... how unprofessional does that sound?
Right. So back to my point. The reason I went on this course was to be a radio presenter. There didn't seem to be a radio specific course so I picked this one. How will shorthand be relevant to me when I will be working with music etc etc... So basically, shorthand is pointless for what I want to do but it's a compulsory part of the course. And it's farcical! Shorthand would be good for someone sat in a courtroom but that's not where I'm aiming to be! I am, however, trying but I could have sworn she showed us a longer way to write 'because' than the one I already knew... Anyway, enough whinging on... I have about an hour left in uni today, to learn about why people study media... then I have two days off! Every other Thursday it is seeming that we get paid to go into uni just to watch adverts for two hours which is fair enough but it's irrelevant perhaps. Enough of me going on!
I'd leave you with a music video but can't be bothered so head off to Sunday's blog and enjoy the sounds of Gary Numan and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Mintage.

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