Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow and Christmas

Not usually now do you get those two things at the same time but it's happening now and it's freezing. Nice. I think it's stopped snowing now but the ground is white and probably very slippy.
My laptop may be back with me in time for Christmas, as the team have been keeping me updated as to where it's at, which is very nice of them and is making me happy. I'm amazed on how well I have been coping without it. Instead I have been playing on my Gameboy, which makes a change. I should really get my bass out at some point, that'll be something to do Tuesday.
Viva City are playing a Christmas show tomorrow night at The Cluny. Tickets available from Beatdown Records, RPM and The Cluny and there may be some left on the door on the night. Doors open at 8pm.
I think that's everything. Oh, I have been lucky and have found an air date! LOST Season 6 premieres in the UK at 9pm on Friday February 5th and will follow on every Friday. FlashForward is back on again tomorrow, according to the Five website, following a mid-season break.

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