Saturday, 5 December 2009

Thanks to the 1000+ people in joined me last night...

... in saying who gives two %$#£'s about Jedward when you can go and see From The Jam instead.
Yes, the average age of the audience was about 50 but they were all up for a good time which was had by all (you bunch of nutters!).
The choice of songs between bands was probably the best played at a gig (Madness, The Specials, The Undertones...) but how better to celebrate the late 1970s than with a big sing along with all the drunk old blokes dotted around the venue.
Support for tonight's show came from Newcastle's very own The Longsands who are along the lines of Mando Diao and Oasis with The Small Faces thrown in for good measure. They were not one bit disappointing.
According to a sign in the foyer, Rick Buckler would not be drumming but was to be replaced by
Mark Brzezicki who's played in Procol Harum and The Cult. Wikipedia has been updated to say Buckler has left the band. The reason is currently unknown.
Paul Weller has been replaced by a guy called Russell Hastings, who, unfortunately, doesn't have a Wikipedia page but he was a good replacement.
The three of them (joined by keyboardist Dave Moore) tore through a set of classic Jam tracks, finishing with an encore of In The City, Town Called Malice and Down in the Tube Station At Midnight.
Obviously Weller and Buckler are irreplaceable and it would have been great for The Jam to tour as a full group again but with Bruce Foxton's signature bass playing telling the crowd he's still himself, From The Jam were still a joy to behold.
People who went to see Jedward instead will be kicking themselves.

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