Friday, 22 May 2009

Autonomy Boy

Offices are amongst the most dangerous and bizarre places to work. Yesterday I ended up coming out with yellow hands after trying to change printer ink but because we're using compatibles instead of official cartridges so we have to mess around with these electronic chip things. So, once again, for a second time while I have been in the office, we are unable to make colour prints.
Today I end up with the office falling apart on me and giving my wrist a whack and a half! It's fine now but was bright red and stinging at the time.
At various times, cupboards and suspended file units have also managed to get in my way as I'm walking around therefore making me trip up.
The amount of files around is astounding and it's due to all the paperwork Abbey expect us to do. There is mess everywhere.
Oh well, not long to go now.
(Checks countdown) I even move out soon!
Even with all what's been going on, I have still got very close to hitting my target and that is to get double the playcount of We Are The Physics that Adam has got. I have less than 100 songs to go now.
Weekend is nigh, might write next on Monday when I get back home. Expect full listings for Middlesbrough Music Live.
Right, and I think that's it for now!

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