Sunday, 10 May 2009

Edinburgh trip - May 2009

I arrived back in Newcastle from Edinburgh last night and had a blast at Rock Band which involved a pair of 3D glasses and jumping around. The night before we were stood in a bar chatting with my new best friends, We Are The Physics, who we'd specially travelled up to Edinburgh to see. Michael Drum promised me and Adam he'd do us a shout out during the show but forgot unfortunately. Oh well. Michael M gave me his Red Bull Cola because he didn't like it. Michael Guitar said he liked it until he found out there wasn't actually any Red Bull in it. He was stood with Michael M but we didn't recognise him at first because his hair wasn't spiky. He hadn't had it cut since before Christmas so I just kept randomly spiking his hair for him, hehe. Had a chat with Chris at the merch stand and he gave us guitar picks.
The drummer of one of the support bands was Mexican. He was selling t-shirts.
The WATP van is a mess at the minute because they kind of crashed it (oops). I expected it to be more like the mystery machine, with the WATP logo on the side.

Great set, got my hands on another of their setlists, written by hand on a sheet of lined notepaper.
Small crowd, they did say they don't go down too well in Edinburgh so we were surprised at how many people actually stayed.
Have uploaded to youtube a video from their King Tut's show in Glasgow.

Went to the Camera Obscura museum in Edinburgh and that was fun, the views from the top were amazing. Edinburgh was a great photo oppurtunity.

Much fun.

PS Take someone who can talk Italian to an Italian restaurant.

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