Sunday, 17 May 2009

The end is nigh

Just watched the finale of LOST and what a cliffhanger of an ending! Now we've got to wait another year to find out what happens!
(Contains spoiler, don't read if not seen yet)
A strange man had visited each survivor at some point in their past. This man is Jacob and we see at the beginning of the episode he was on the island during the time the statue (which turned out to be of Anubis) was standing. Him and another were watching a ship coming towards the island and something tells me it is the Black Rock. Could Richard Alpert have arrived on this ship? We have had no insight to his history yet but everything is bound to be revealed next season. One very confusing thing is no one seems to be who they say... There was a box found in the cargo hold of the plane and for the two finale episodes the contents were kept very much a secret. We find at the very end that in the box is JOHN LOCKE!
'So who's in there?' Sun said upon the reveal, referring to 'Locke' who had taken Ben to see Jacob.
As for Jacob, it's still unclear as to who he actually is! The same applies to Richard.
And what lies in the shadow of the statue?
Ille qui nos omnes servabit.
Which translates to 'He who will protect/save us all'.

And the Incident has occured. The drill on the Swan site drilled so far that it reached the electromagnetic energy and refused to withdraw. Also the bomb failed to blow. According to Sayid, it had been set to explode on impact only when dropped by Jack it didn't go off, possibly due to the electromagnetism. Things then started to get really bad. All metallic materials were drawn to the drill hole wreaking havoc and taking Juliet with it all! Despite Kate and Sawyer's attempts she fell. Gone forever. Or so it seems... flash to the bottom of the hole and she awakes and sees the bomb, unexploded. Pulling herself across to it she starts hitting the living daylights out of it and BANG.

End of series 5.

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